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Call Center Campus

Management Certification Workshop

Las Vegas, NV - MGR Cert at Call Center Campus
Only a Few Seats Left! Lodging at the Paris Hotel is no longer included with your registration as of Oct. 12


  • Date:Monday, November 11, 2013 - Friday, November 15, 2013
  • Location:

    Las Vegas, NV at the Paris Hotel
    3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    Map Link

8:30am - Meet & Greet Continental Breakfast Provided Mon-Fri

Training - 3-days
8:30am - 5pm - Mon., Nov. 11
8:30am - 5pm - Tue., Nov. 12
8:30am - 5pm - Wed., Nov. 13

Welcome Reception
5:30pm - 7:30pm - Wed., Nov. 13

Symposium - Day 1
8:30am - 5pm - Thur., Nov. 14

Networking Reception
4:00pm - 6:00pm - Thur., Nov. 15

Symposium - Day 2
8:30am - 12pm - Fri., Nov. 15

Registration Includes:

- Complimentary attendance to the Call Center Campus Symposium
- Welcome Reception & Networking Reception with complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres
- Complimentary daily breakfast & snacks (lunch is open)
- Certification workshop
- Workshop handbook
- Certificate of completion
- Call center benchmarking survey/report with a follow-up web-ex style presentation of your benchmarking results.


Contact Center Management Certification in Las Vegas, NV at the Paris Hotel

In today’s highly competitive marketing world, the reasons for a call center to be “customer-centric” are compelling. It is critical for a call center to have the competitive advantage of delivering what their customers want and require. Your call center needs to be better than that of your competition. This is especially true when it comes to “satisfying” your customers. Not having the best practices or proper procedures in place can be the differentiator between you and your competitors from your customers’ perspective.

The curriculum, which was originally developed by Dr. Jon Anton of Purdue University, has been expanded and updated by Bruce Belfiore, Chancellor of the College, Jose Perez, Dean of the College, and BenchmarkPortal’s staff of industry experts. Participants typically include Call Center Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents.

Ten modules include: Organizational Leadership, Human Resource Management, Call Quality Monitoring & Coaching, Caller Satisfaction Measurement, Workforce Management, Technology, Tech Enabled Processes, Caller Self-Service, Analytics & Reporting, Performance Benchmarking.

“Improving The Customer Experience” is the theme for this year’s Call Center Campus Symposium.

BenchmarkPortal’s College of Call Center Excellence will hold its 2013 Call Center Campus Week November 11-15 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. This annual, unique call center industry event presents an opportunity for attendees to get on the fast track to upgrade customer service and to drive their call centers’ performance to the top.

Industry experts, along with BenchmarkPortal’s premier team of instructors, will lead and guide Pre-Symposium Certification Workshops and the two-day Symposium, where we will explore call center challenges and emerging trends in the industry. The Symposium - unlike any other - features sessions and discussions to inspire innovative thinking and engage participants in exploring compelling avenues for advancing the call center industry. From the informative and inspiring sessions to the multiple networking opportunities, you'll walk away with the skills, connections and resources you need to take your career to the next level.


Call Center Campus Brochure

Pre-Symposium Certification Workshops
November 11-13, 2013

  • Pre-Symposium Certification Workshops: Call Center ManagementQuality Assurance and Workforce Management workshops will equip you with the skill set that you need to improve your center's performance and lead to your professional certification. The Management workshop takes place Mon-Wed. The Quality Assurance and Workforce Management workshop takes place Tue-Wed.
  • Complimentary access to 2-Day Symposium on Thursday and Friday is included with your participation in our certification workshops.
  • Complimentary access to the Welcome and Networking Receptions: Enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres while networking.
  • Benchmarking: All students participate in our call center benchmarking survey. Results provides your company with a snapshot of your call center vs. industry peers.
  • Networking Breakfasts and Breaks: Get to know your peers throughout the week with continental breakfasts, coffee breaks and afternoon snacks.

Call Center Campus Symposium
November 14-15, 2013

  • Industry-Leading Guest Speakers: Listen to thought-provoking speakers share their insights on how their companies implemented successful programs that focus on improving customer experience.
  • Learning Sessions: Customer Satisfaction, Agent Satisfaction, Metrics, Technology and more
  • “Hot Topic” Roundtable Discussions: Share business challenges, approaches and best practices on a number of hot topics among your peers.
  • Welcome Reception: Join us for a welcome reception for conference attendees. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet other attendees as you enjoy refreshments and light hors d'oeuvres.
  • Networking Reception: Enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres and a raffle drawing while building your professional and social network. This event provides a great opportunity to meet new colleagues in a relaxed, social setting.
  • Awards Ceremony: BenchmarkPortal will recognize centers that have placed in our Top 100 Call Center Contest, as well as centers which have achieved Center of Excellence status.
  • Networking Breakfasts and Breaks: Get to know your peers while enjoying buffet breakfasts and coffee breaks.

The Call Center Campus Symposium offers sessions that provide a hands-on learning environment. Attendees can obtain new skills, reflect critically on their work and learn from other individuals and organizations confronting dilemmas similar to their own. At the same time, call center leaders can learn how to raise their best practice skills to new levels, while sharing their best practices with peers.

BenchmarkPortal intends that attendees gain new and practical insights, as well as strategies that contribute to their organizations’ strengths and sustainability. The training at the Call Center Campus Symposium should also enhance individual leadership skills of attendees. As a Call Center Campus attendee, not only will you benefit from the opportunity to interact with your peers, BenchmarkPortal Experts and other industry leaders, but you will walk away with incredible tools that can be immediately applied in your center. Our mission is to create a compelling networking event for the call center industry - one that focuses on networking and building relationships and that does not require exhibiting or catering to end-users. This event focuses on core topics, hands-on learning, increasing one’s knowledge of best practices and driving success in your career and center.

View Symposium Details Here »


General Course / Workshop Information


Call Center Campus Week will take place at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Lodging at the Paris Hotel is no longer included with your registration. The BenchmarkPortal room block closed on October 11th. You will be responsible for confirming your own lodging needs.

Paris Hotel
3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Course Curriculium: 

Management Certification Curriculum

To begin, we focus on the importance of Leadership and sharing the mission and vision of the call center. We review all aspects of agent management from best practices in screening, on-boarding, training and ongoing management of our most important resource.

Next we discuss our favorite topic: What metrics do we need to successfully manage a call center? What tools should I use? What do we do with forecasts, adherence and schedules? How do we find the solutions that meet the needs of the business and the work-life balance of our agents while still being able to meet our service goals? Then, we concentrate on all of the day-to-day management issues. What are the high performing call centers doing to improve their quality assessment processes to drive customer satisfaction? In the Customer Satisfaction module, we discuss the multiple ways to measure, analyze and use the caller satisfaction finding.

Finally we discuss: "How do we measure and report our successes, progress and failures?" So how do we know if we are succeeding or failing? One part of the answer is to develop a benchmarking process. How do we decide which type of benchmarking is right for our organization?

Day 1:

Leadership and Organization

  • Strategy Alignment
    • Understanding the corporate business model
    • Understanding the importance of customer recognition                
  • Strategic Goal Setting
    • Strategy setting for the call center
    • Where do we want to be five years from now
  • Leadership Styles, Approaches  and Assessment
    • Leadership styles
    • Leadership roles and approaches
    • Assessing your leadership style
  • Organization Design
    • Organizational design criteria
    • Understanding people, process and technology

Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Analytic Tools
    • What should companies measure
    • What is the problem with numbers
    • Best practices in analytics and reporting
  • Designing Effective Reports
    • Determine the report audience
    • Determine the information needs
    • Common report types
  • Corporate Information Needs
    • From data to knowledge
    • Decision- maker's needs
  • Managing by the Numbers
    • Why do managers measure?
    • What should managers measure?
    • From data to data analytics to action
  • Call Center Performance Evaluation
    • Metrics for success
    • Metrics that need focusing on
    • Metrics you need to know
    • Your ultimate report card
    • Now let's talk about numbers
  • New Analytic Tools
    • In-Depth metric analysis

Human Resources

  • Hiring New Agents
    • Job description    
    • Finding applicants
    • Screening applicants
    • Testing applicant skills
    • Interviewing applicants    
    • Realistic job preview
  • Training Agents
    • KPIs impacted by training
    • Training evaluation
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Nesting training
    • On-going training
    • Computer- based training
    • Training in small call centers
  • Generations

Day 2:

Agent Satisfaction

  • Agent Satisfaction Measurement
    • Agent satisfaction introduction
    • Agent satisfaction as related to agent turnover
  • Processes that impact your center
    • Agent feedback
    • Processes influencing agent satisfaction
  • Agent Turnover
    • What's "really important" to agents
    • Top reasons for turnover
    • Best practices in reducing agent turnover
    • Exit interviews                      
  • Agent Voices, a USA study
  • Reward, Recognition, Motivation
    • Instilling a performance culture    
    • Motivating the front line
    • Best-in-class motivating techniques
    • Reward and recognition
    • Informal and formal programs that work
  • Employee burnout

Customer Satisfaction

  • Introduction
    • Defining caller satisfaction
    • Sorry, it is not about Satisfaction
    • It is the journey
    • Ripple effect
  • Fastest way to lose customers
  • Excellence is based on just one thing
  • How should I measure customer satisfaction
  • The three basics of successful companies
  • Survey Structure
    • Determining which customers to survey
    • Determining which questions should be asked
    • Determining the appropriate length of the survey
    • Determining which attributes should be measured
    • Determining sample size
  • Survey Analysis
    • Statistical routines    
    • Mining the caller feedback data                       
  • Most Caller Satisfaction Programs Don't Have an Impact
    • Most stop after the fielding
    • Reporting makes the difference
    • Results must be actionable

Basic Workforce Management

  • Resource Planning
    • Forecasting fundamentals
    • Advance forecasting
    • Capacity planning fundamentals
    • Advanced capacity planning
  • Scheduling Defined
    • Documenting staff special skills
    • Scheduling shrinkage
    • Scheduling options
  • Intraday Management
    • Intraday forecasting
    • Crisis and absentee planning
    • Intraday adjustment essentials
  • Analytics and Metrics to Manage Optimizing
    • From raw data to management information
    • Data analytics
  • Organization of the Workforce Management Team
    • Workforce management organization
    • Typical control tower organizational structure
  • Workforce Management Software Tools
    • Key workforce management metrics and goals
    • Workforce management tools                                              

Day 3:

Quality and Call Monitoring

  • Introduction to Call Monitoring and Coaching
    • Introduction to call quality assurance
    • Impact of call handling on company image
    • Importance of superior service on customer-perceived value
    • Hierarchy of caller needs
    • Results from a one-minute survey
  • Call Recording
    • Recording alternatives
    • When to record calls
    • Which calls to record
    • How long to save recorded calls
  • Call Monitoring, Scoring and Evaluating
    • Introduction to call monitoring
    • Classic methods of call monitoring
    • Evaluation process & forms
    • Building the definitions document
    • The evaluation form and scoring why the current methods are not optimal
    • The components of call monitoring

Coaching For Performance

  • Agent Coaching
    • The art of agent coaching
    • Who should coach agents
    • How often do agents need to be coached
    • What is the best way to coach agents
    • Can the caller possibly coach the agent
  • Call Handling
    • Listening to the voice of the customer
    • New principles
    • IVR surveys
    • Supervisor Reporting                           
  • How can an agent self-manage
    • Slowing down his/her delivery
    • Asking for help regarding low FCR
    • Listening to those calls that are indicating poor customer satisfaction
  • Compensation
    • Incentives


  • Introduction to Caller Self-Service
    • What is caller self-service?
    • Business imperatives impacting self-service
    • Caller self-service challenges
    • Minimizing "opt-outs"
  • Giving Callers Channel Alternatives
    • How to migrate to other channel
  • IVR Self-Service Technologies
    • Evaluating scripts
    • Key performance indicators
  • Impact of Calls on Brand image
  • Web Self-Service
    • Why the move to the web
    • Examples of effective web self service


  • Introduction to Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking defined
    • A snapshot of BenchmarkPortal (BMP)
    • Benchmarking for profits
  • Call Center Benchmark Metrics
    • What metrics to compare
    • Collecting performance metrics
  • Performance Gap Analysis
    • Driving gaps into improvement initiatives
    • Determining broken process
    • Investigating how each process is broken
  • Implementing Improvement Initiatives
    • Implementing improvement initiatives
    • Re-benchmarking to assess improvement
    • Benchmarking and the bottom line
  • Call Center Certification
  • Call Center Benchmarking Solution Providers
    • Range of solutions providers

Discount CCC-MGR

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Attendees Discount
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Center of Excellence Members- 15% off. Please contact your relationship manager to get your preferred partner discount code. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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Please contact your relationship manager for a "COE Package." This package offers 1 free pass to the symposium. This package includes daily breakfast, symposium event, networking night with cocktails & hors d'oeuvres. In addition you receive a 15% discount off of the workshops for your team.

Course Cancelation: 

In-Person Cancellation & Policies

In-Person Course Cancellation Policy:

  • All students attending a In-Person/Classroom course have up to thirty (30) days before start date to cancel registrations ​for a refund. ​Any cancellation within 30 days will become ​a ​credit for a future course. Credits must be used within one year (12 months of issue).
  • Any cancellations within 14 days before the course will incur a $100 late cancellation fee. This fee will be deducted from your credit.
  • In rare instances, a course will be cancelled, rescheduled or postponed:
    • All students attending in-person courses have up to thirty (30) days before start date to cancel your registration for a refund. Any cancellation within 30 days will become a credit for a future course. Credit must be used within one year (12 months of issue.)
    • Any cancellations within 14 days before the course will incur a $100 fee. This fee will be deducted from your credit.
    • You may receive a full refund or we can issue a credit for your company
    • BenchmarkPortal cannot be held responsible for penalties resulting from travel arrangements of any kind.
    • In the event that we do have to cancel a training course at the last minute, the college manager will contact you to either reschedule you into an alternate course or provide you with a full refund of the course price.
  • No shows will pay full course rates.

Purchasing Information:

  • Full payment is required 1-day prior to attendance.
  • If you are purchasing one or more of the courses with a business credit card please check your daily limits to avoid any possibility of the transaction getting declined (most cards have a $1,000 daily limit).

General Information:

  • After completion of an in-person course,  you will receive a certificate on the final day of class.
  • Certification through BenchmarkPortal and the College of Call Center Excellence is an achievement that is recognized internationally.
Course Testimonials: 

Call Center Campus Testimonials

Call Center Campus

"I have love being connected to BenchmarkPortal and the valuable information that is provided. Has been an amazing experience."
Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"Definitely can take things back to improve effectiveness in our center."
Call Center Campus Attendee, November 2014

"This experience was invaluable. Being able to meet peers and discuss successes and challenges, was a great learning and growth experience."
Call Center Campus Week Attendee, November 2014

"Well organized, we were properly informed of all events and it was a good use of our time. Joe is a great instructor and Crystal provided excellent customer service."
Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"Benchmark Portal's Call Center Symposium is an excellent event! The content shared covers tried-and-true as well as tried-and-failed solution discussion opportunities for problems unique to the contact center industry. The forum allows participants to network, share ideas, and walk away with immediately applicable actions they can take back to their teams to begin making positive impacts. It's always a pleasure to attend this event and meet with other contact center professionals who really "get" it!"
Mindy Lamb Director, Call Operating Effectiveness Cigna  - CCC 2013

"An amazing event with wonderful carefully chosen speakers with much good information to impart. It was energizing! I felt totally rejuvenated about our contact center and how we can make it better!! This was well worth the trip and the time to come! Makes me want to work even harder to engage and motivate our agents!"
Cindy Trow, Quality Assurance Manager, MedicAlert Foundation

"I have learned new information on how to apply changes based off of the collective sharing of knowledge performed at the class as well as at the symposium."
Call Center Campus Attendee- 2012

"This event including our Center of Excellence certification was really useful. It brought to us many areas for improvement and made us think of new initiatives in Al Hilal Bank."
Eman Amein, Quality Manager, Al Hilal Bank - CCC 2012

"Very good conference. Very informative and the presenters were very knowledgeable and presented the information well."
Tim Dawkins, Associate Manager Member Services, MESSA - CCC 2012

"Workforce Management class and the Symposium gave us a wealth of knowledge that we will take back and start to work on."
Clint Rosser, Manager of Installation and System Support, Karmak Technologies - CCC 2011

"Thank you for inviting us and allowing us to share a little of our story. The whole week was a great, each of us took away something from the training and networking event. We look forward to attending Call Center Campus again."
Matt Conant, Director Customer Experience, PLATO Learning - CCC 2011

Quality Assurance Certification Workshop


"It was an exceptionally fulfilling experience! Learning new approaches, sharing ours, clarifying/validating the best practices we employ and networking in an open, engaging and interactive environment."
Tawyna Lizama, Quality of Service Manager, Belize Telemedia, LTD.

"I was especially excited for our Company to invest in the Quality Assurance Specialists to become certified in the area that is very important to our Customer Care Center. The price was affordable and the timing was accommodating. After the first session, we sat together with our manager and talked about our first day experience and what we learned. The information provided was organized and flowed well and the feeling was unanimous that this course was well worth the resources spent for us to attend. All three of us took ideas and examples from the course that we will use in our monitoring and providing feedback for our customer service reps."
Live Online Attendee - 2012

"This is a very good course for beginners and experienced quality assurance professionals. It reinforces and re-orients individuals to the basic fundamentals that must be in place as well as additional options, ideas, tools and methods to consider employing. Thanks again for a very informative and interactive training session. I Really enjoyed it and found it very helpful with some of the changes we are in the midst of making in our program."
Mindy Lamb, Call Quality Director, Cigna - November 2012

"I attended BenchmarkPortal's training at Purdue University in 1997 as a manager of a utility call center. It was excellenct! Given the opportunity to attend again in 2012 (15 years later), I seized the opportunity. It was excellent again!"
Judy Blair, Director, Dayton Power & Light - February 2012

"Being in class with QA professionals from other companies and learning from their best practices was very beneficial."
Esa Jones, Growth Specialist, Citizens Energy Group - February 2012

"This training far exceeded my expectations. I am a visual learner. I like the interaction and hands on experience. The trainer was really engaged and cared about the growth of our positions and what we will gather from this program and take back to our employees." 
Call Center Campus Attendee - Video Testimonial - October 2011

"One thing that I will remember is that the participation was absolutely phenomenal in this class. The style of learning was participation and hands on. I learned from the teacher and from the participants in the group."
Call Center Campus Attendee - Video Testimonial - October 2011

"We are very pleased with the training based on the feedback from Leanne regarding the first 2 sessions she had last week. We are expecting that she will have a lot of learning which she can apply to her projects as the QA Supervisor of our team."
Lorena C. Biclar | Assistant Manager-Customer Service | Power Transmission Solutions, Emerson Industrial Automation

"This workshop gave me a variety of best practices and ideas that I can take back to my company to improve our processes."
Quality Assurance Live Online Attendee - 2011

"This course provided my company with valuable insight in how to better our service."
José R. Moran Callmax Domincana

Call Center Workforce Management Certification Workshop

"This was a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone as knowledgeable as Joe. I truly appreciate his approach in aligning us to free flow with our questions and situations vs. being absolutely stringent with the flow of the course material."
Lee Branch Hill, Contact Center Team Lead, MedicAlert Foundation - November 2012

"The class was very informative for me and my time in position. I am new to leadership and WFM and was happy to learn all the layers that filter into call center management.
Las Vegas, NV - 2012 Call Center Campus Week WFM Attendee

"The course was very informative and helpful. The instructor was knowledgeable and very interesting. The class was really fun to be in."
Las Vegas, NV - 2012 Call Center Campus Week WFM Attendee

"​Great overview on all aspects of WFM & allowed time for exchanges of ideas for on-site specific questions! Very Good!"
Indianapolis, IN Attendee - February 2012

Call Center Management Certification Workshop


"Although I manage a Center of Excellence, based on subject matter covered in the management course, I found that there is so much more that I can learn and put in to place in my call Center.  In the upcoming years, I will also be taking the QA and QM courses to get dive deeper in the details."
Theresa Bode, Director of Member Services, Teachers Credit Union

"I truly enjoyed the opportunity to network wit individuals within my field/industry."
Amy Novak, Call Center Manager, Proctor Financial - November 2012

"I was very pleased how well the course was put together. It provides info relevant to small and large call centers. The course provides an indirect approach to the top call center concerns and validates all info that is given. If you run a call center this course is a must. Not only will you learn from the course, but every one else brings their info to the class and you can use them as a reference."
Mike Rooks, Call Center Supervisor, Nevada Adult Day Care - November 2012

"It was an excellent training. Very thorough and descriptive. I would recommend to all of my associates."
Juanita Swanson, Supervisory, Veterans Administration Health Resource Center - September 2012

"It was a great experience that provided many valuable takeaways for implementation or further conversation at my current job."
Christy Casey, CSC Branch Chief, United States Coast Guard - September 2012

"It is rare for contact center managers to learn from a well versed instructor and share real life stories with others in the business."
MaryAnn Novajosky, Call Center Manager, Securitas USA - September 2012

"This course has helped provide clarity on identifying the right actions for my business and how to develop action plans for continuous improvement."
September 2012 Attendee

The curriculum was very in-depth and can be easily applied. The training was fun, simple and magical! WOW!
Khristina Lazalde, Director Global Call Center Training & Quality, Herbalife - July 2012

"Knowing we are not alone and building relationships to enable us to reach out to each other. Changes peoples LIVES."
Tina Spalding, Director, APAC Distributor Services, Herbalife - July 2012

"GREAT. Highly recommended and the small class size allowed for a great exchange of practices in play."
Kai Martin, Vice President, The Pasha Group - August 2012

"This class environment was amazing. I walked out of the class with many new resources, who I look forward to working with. I enjoyed the collaborative learning."
Jennifer Koepke, Global Contact Center Manager, Milestone Technology - August 2012

"I felt the class was excellent on all levels: content, instructor, participants to hospitality and environment."
April Cook, American Health Connection - August 2012

"Dru Phelps was a GREAT instructor. She is very knowledgeable in all areas and listens to each person to get a better understanding."
Tamica Emerson, Supervisor, VA Health Benefits 

Great course! Program material was very thorough, well structured and highly informative. This workshop provided useful examples, proven best practices and training methods that should be implemented by any call center seeking to improve overall performance, agent and customer satisfaction."
​Gregory Head - January 2012

"Very Educational. We have a lot of action items to bring back! Even the most seasoned call center manager would be stimulated by content."
January 2012 - Course Attendee

"This workshop definitely met my expectations. It helped me change my thought pattern about what tools we want to invest in, in terms of technology. I am now going to re-direct dollars in a different way after consulting about where the future is going now."
Call Center Campus 2011 - Video Testimonial

"A lot of networking, very personal and small classroom size. The instructor allowed us to ask a lot of questions and see what other call center managers in our industry are doing. The training was great, very comfortable, very relaxed and very enjoyable."
Call Center Campus 2011 - Video Testimonial

"The College of Call Center Excellence provided excellent content on a wide variety of Call Center topics that was extremely relevant and immediately applicable to my operation. The interaction with other call center professionals was an invaluable aspect of the learning environment. I came back to my job energized and with clear tools for making improvements to my center."
Noel Allen, Director of Customer Service, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co.

"Once again thanks for an outstanding program, many new ideas to share with my colleagues."
George Richardson, Wright Express

"I wanted to thank you for a great class last week. The class exceeded my expectations. I returned to work today feeling very motivated and armed with some new skills and knowledge to make a difference here at Forethought."
Shelia Merkel, Manager, Client Services Forethought Financial

"The Call Center Manager Certification class was one of the most engaging classes I have had the privilege to attend. The facilitator for the class created an environment which allowed for an exchange of ideas mixed in with industry best practices. Even though I am an experienced Contact Center Manager, I was able to find value in the material and the class interaction. I would highly recommend this course!"
Mark A. Brody, Assistant Manager, DPRV, TG

"I recently completed call center management certification in Altanta, GA earlier this month. The ideas and take aways I left with were great! Dru did an excellent job leading our class through our training sessions while also providing effective examples relating to the subject matter from her years of experience. I have already benefited from this certification and I will be staying in touch with my classmates too."
Michael Jordan, Metro Credit Union

"The American Medical Association Unified Service Center management team participated in The College of Call Center Excellence Leadership Certification Program. The content was challenging, well organized, and relevant. The program inspired a cross-pollination of good ideas across a diverse group of call center managers."
Gloria Gupta, Director Service, American Medical Association

"I would highly recommend the AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes, even to people who have experience in call centers. They actually get more out of it - not only because of exchange of ideas, but because there's a good mix of people in the class."
Joanna Terlecka-Bos, Operations Manager, M&I BankCard Services

"Since attending AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes, we have implemented several key changes to improve our operations," Lopez says. In the scheduling area, Banco Santander now uses call center capacity software to justify headcount and schedule agents more efficiently. In addition, the company has developed a more appropriate set of metrics to set and track objectives. The four-day class is user-friendly, practical, and gives you the knowledge to be a leader in customer retention and market share. As for the critical area of satisfaction measurement and tracking, Lopez says, "New caller contact reporting methods have been devised that have justified all the changes made, and our call center data is now seen as valuable information related to customer satisfaction and loyalty."
Rafael Lopez, Director of Customer Services for Banco Santander Puerto Rico

"The college's curriculum addresses a variety of topics, from effective capacity planning and forecasting call loads to resource management, recruiting, training and motivating and retaining a first-class team of agents. Many successful businesses recognize that call centers need to be managed as a strategic business tool that delivers competitive advantage. AT&T has enhanced and expanded the curriculum to explore and address current, real-world issues such as improving process measurements and re-engineering management."
Dr Jon Anton, Purdue University

"AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes were extremely well done and helpful. The material was presented well and was very useful and relevant. I look forward to attending future sessions."
Stephanie Kennedy, Gage Marketing Group

"Quantum Corporation places a great deal of emphasis and importance on our most valued asset, our customers. To further increase our customer satisfaction and keep our Customer Service call center operation on the cutting edge, we are using the valuable concepts, technologies, tools and ideas that were presented in the AT&T College of Call Center Excellence program. I would recommend these courses to any person who is interested in improving his or her call center operations."
Bruce Shadmehri, Technical and Business Support Manager, Quantum Corporation

"I have attended nine call center training classes. AT&T's College of Call Center Excellence program was by far the most useful training I have ever taken. It is run in a professional manner by people who have actually done the job. If you are looking for the best all around training for your contact center management team this is number one hands down."
Comet Brower, Contact Center Manager,

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Veterans Administration Health Resource Center National Government Services/WellPoint Egis Projects Canada Inc.
Atlantis Resort & Casino George Mason University Employees Retirement System of TX
KPMG Citizens Energy Group Emaratech
Capital Market Authority, CMA Nutri-Health Supplements Oxford Properties Group
Gift Royal Credit Union SXC Health Solutions
BroadStar Albridge Solutions RCI
Verifone Metro Credit Union VistaPrint
Forethought Life Insurance Company Indianapolis Power & Light Viracor-IBT Laboratories
Dayton Power & Light Motion Picture & Television Fund Department of Treasury
Groupon Cigna Roche
NorthWestern Mutual Smith Haynes & Watson United Healthcare
Herbalife United States Coast Guard Security Assistance Corporation
Symcor Portico Benefits NIPSCO


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"Becoming a Call Center of Excellence can be a game changer for businesses. Fighting to keep customers in today’s economy is paramount to most companies and the Center of Excellence distinction has helped drive us to that end result. Going through this process yearly continues to challenge us to improve processes and service levels. The detailed process that BenchmarkPortal provides in comparing our data with a large peer group is unparalleled. At the end, you have a clear roadmap of what is working well and what needs focus and attention for improvement. Because of this, we have been able to develop plans each year to drive better results and better customer experiences. This, coupled with a knowledgeable staff, helps us to close the gaps and continue to achieve excellence in every area. Every call center out there should be doing this benchmarking process; we are proof that it works."