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The BenchmarkPortal Book Store is a "must-have" library for all call center professionals. Our book store features 24 books by Dr. Jon Anton and other well-known authors and co-authors. BenchmarkPortal publications provide a navigational system through practical, how-to-do-it books covering virtually every aspect of contact center operation for every modern day contact center business executive, manager, and supervisor.

Today's busy call center executive needs guidance systems with just-in-time business intelligence to navigate through the challenges of locating, recruiting, keeping, and growing profitable customers and call centers. Many current executives use our call center benchmarking tools as navigation for their call centers and combined with our books specifically focused on call center solutions, have found their way to higher returns on their investments.

Delivery of All Books

All books ordered will be sent to the client via email with a link to the e-book, and a password to download a copy. 

View our call center books below...

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20:20 CRM A Visionary Insight Into Unique Customer Contacts - by Dr. Jon Anton and Laurent Philonenko

The contact center is at the heart of many businesses today, and CRM initiatives are making customer contact even more critical to the health...
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Benchmarking at its Best for Contact Centers - by Bruce Belfiore and Dr. Jon Anton

Done right, and done regularly, benchmarking provides improved work life, career advancement and substantially increased earnings on a...
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Coaching Contact Center Agents - by Dr. Jon Anton & Howard Lee

This is a book focused on one of the most important and least understood jobs in a contact center, namely, coaching the front-line agent. In...
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Contact Center Management "By the Numbers" - by Dr. Jon Anton and Kamál Webb

With the ever increasing complexity of multi-channel customer contact handling, it is significant that this book addresses the challenges of...
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Customer Obsession: Your Roadmap to Profitable CRM - by Dr. Jon Anton and Ad Nederlof

Finally, here is a book that covers the complete “journey” of CRM implementation. Ad Nederlof and Dr. Jon Anton have done the near...
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Customer Relationship Management Technology: Building the Infrastructure for Customer Collaboration - by Dr. Jon Anton and Bob Vilsoet

From our research on the American consumer, it has become very clear that potentially the best customer service strategy is “to offer...
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Customer Service at a Crossroads: What You Do Next to Improve Performance Will Determine Your Company's Destiny - by Matt McConnell and Dr. Jon Anton

By consistently delivering information about products, services and information to customer service agents, based on their individual skill...
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e-Business Customer Service: "The Need for Quality Assessment" - by Dr. Jon Anton and Dr. Michael Hoeck

With the advent of e-business technology, we suddenly find ourselves with completely different customer service channels. The old paradigms are...
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Enabling IVR Self-Service with Speech Recognition - by Dr. Jon Anton and G.P. Paul Kowal

Everyone is talking about speech recognition and its many applications. The hype is loud and clear. However, in reality, most contact center...
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From Cost to Profit Center: How Technology Enables the Difference - by Dr. Jon Anton and R. Scott Davis

This book is a series of case studies in which we collected performance metrics before and after implementation of specific technology...
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How To Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z - by Dr. Jon Anton and Dru Phelps

Call centers are an important company asset, but also a very expensive one. By learning to conduct a performance audit, readers will be able to...
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Integrating People with Process and Technology: Gaining Employee Acceptance of Technology Initiatives - by Dr. Jon Anton, Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff, and Lisa M. Schwartz

This book contains valuable information regarding the "people" side of technology initiatives. Many companies buy the best hardware...


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