On-Site Certification

Our On-site Certification includes everything offered by our On-site Assessments PLUS includes designation as a BenchmarkPortal Contact Center of Excellence if your center benchmarks in the upper right-hand quadrant of our Performance Matrix. The BenchmarkPortal methodology, which leverages the world’s largest database of contact center metrics, is the certification of choice due to its rigor, its roots in objective benchmarking, and its usefulness in terms of showing how the center compares on a competitive basis against its industry peers.

This gold star offering includes all of the same components as our On-site Assessment, and more:

Pre-visit Components:

  • Kick-off call which ensures the parties are on the same page, and that BenchmarkPortal understands the strategic focus of management
  • Completion of our 41-KPI Contact Center Benchmark Survey, our flagship survey which is considered the industry standard
  • Customer satisfaction survey, generally conducted by BenchmarkPortal via email.
  • Agent feedback survey, which usually takes about 12 minutes to complete per agent
  • Pre-visit handbook. This guided summary of the center’s processes and technology is completed by center management.
  • Pre-visit analysis. Our experts review all of this information before coming on-site. This is like a physician having x-rays and medical panels ahead of seeing you for an appointment. We have a lot of good information even before we walk through your doors.

On-site Visit Components:

  • The visit includes introductions to all stakeholders and a tour of facilities
  • Workshop discovery with both general managers and functional managers
  • Side-by-side observations with CSRs
  • Focus group meetings with supervisors and agents
  • Review of metrics
  • Process flow
  • Other items as needed.

Post-visit Components

  • Expert review and analysis of information collected
  • Fact checking with management
  • Preparation and delivery of Executive Presentation via PowerPoint
  • Executive Presentation includes complete findings and recommendations for improvement roadmap
  • Monthly check-ins with expert on progress against roadmap.


For those centers that achieve certification, the following will be awarded (included in the Certification pricing):

  • A letter from our CEO, Bruce Belfiore, to your CEO or other appropriate executive
  • A Contact Center of Excellence trophy
  • A plaque
  • A banner
  • Assistance with a press release, or similar
  • Permission to use the Center of Excellence badge for a period of a year.
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