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Contact Center Management Certification
Live Online


BenchmarkPortal offers one of the most highly regarded call center management certification programs in the industry. The program is led by the industry's top-rated instructors, who have over 150 years combined experience. In this workshop, they will equip you with the tools and skill set you need to improve your center's performance. The curriculum, which was originally developed by Dr. Jon Anton of Purdue University for AT&T, and has been expanded and updated by BenchmarkPortal’s staff of industry experts. Participants typically include Call Center Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents.

This course begins by focusing on the importance of Leadership and defining the mission and vision of the call center. We review all aspects of agent management, from best practices in screening, on-boarding, training and ongoing management of our most important resource. Next, we discuss the metrics you need to successfully manage a call center. We will cover the tools to use and how to optimize forecasts, adherence and schedules. Learn how to find the solutions that meet the needs of the business and the work-life balance of your agents, while still being able to meet your service goals.

Then, we concentrate on day-to-day management issues. Learn how high performing call centers improve their quality assessment processes to drive customer satisfaction. In the Customer Satisfaction module, we discuss multiple ways to measure, analyze and use the caller satisfaction findings. Finally, we discuss measuring progress, celebrating success and dealing with failures. The course shows you how to leverage benchmarking (the right kind of benchmarking for your center) to accomplish this.



Topics Covered:

  • Leadership & Organization
  • Data Analytics
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Agent Satisfaction
  • Workforce Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coaching For Performance
  • At-Home Agents
  • Benchmarking


Who Should Attend:

  • Contact Center Management (all levels)
  • Vice Presidents and Directors
  • C-Suite Executives

These courses will help you better manage your contact center and strengthen relationships with other departments (for example Marketing, MIS, and Telecommunications).

  • 3-day Live Online Course
  • Course handbook
  • Certificate of Certification
Workshop Hours (Pacific Time Zone):

9 am – 1 pm, Tues., June 21st
9 am – 1 pm, Wed., June 22nd
9 am – 1 pm, Thur., June 23rd


You Choose, virtual meeting room


Module 01: Leadership and Organization

  • Leadership Styles, Approaches  and Assessment
    • Leadership styles
    • Leadership roles and approaches
    • Assessing your leadership style
    • What’s the right thing to do
  • Organization Design
    • Organizational design criteria
    • Understanding people, process and technology
    • What’s right for your company?
  • Create a Vision, Mission and Goals for your Call Center
  • Reason for Inbound contacts

Module 2: Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Analytic Tools
    • What should companies measure
    • What is the problem with numbers
    • Best practices in analytics and reporting
  • Managing by the Numbers
    • Why do managers measure?
    • What should managers measure?
    • From data to data analytics to action
  • Call Center Performance Evaluation
    • Metrics - old and new
    • Metrics for the New Frontier
    • Metrics matching
    • Your ultimate report card
    • Now let's talk about numbers
  • Delegating

Module 3: Human Resources

  • Hiring New Agents
    • Job description    
    • Finding applicants
    • Screening applicants
    • Testing applicant skills
    • Interviewing applicants    
    • Realistic job preview
  • Training Agents
    • Training evaluation
    • Initial training
    • Nesting training
    • Ongoing training                            
    • Computer- based training

Module 4: Agent Satisfaction

  • Agent Satisfaction Measurement
    • Agent satisfaction
    • Agent satisfaction as related to agent turnover
    • Agent needs assessment
    • Picking actionable change initiatives
    • Keys to a successful agent feedback
  • Agent Turnover
    • What's "really important" to agents
    • Top reasons for turnover
    • Best practices in reducing agent turnover
    • Exit interviews                      
  • Reward, Recognition, Motivation
    • Instilling a performance culture    
    • Motivating the front line
    • Best-in-class motivating techniques
    • Reward and recognition
    • Informal and formal programs that work

Module 5: Customer Satisfaction

  • Introduction
    • Defining caller satisfaction
    • Sorry, it is not about Satisfaction
    • It is the journey
    • Ripple effect
  • Fastest way to lose customers
  • Excellence is based on just one thing
  • How should I measure customer satisfaction
  • The three basics of successful companies
  • Survey Structure
    • Determining which customers to survey
    • Determining which questions should be asked
    • Determining the appropriate length of the survey
    • Determining which attributes should be measured
    • Determining sample size
  • Survey Analysis
    • Statistical routines
    • Mining the caller feedback data
  • Most Caller Satisfaction Programs Don't Have an Impact
    • Most stop after the fielding

Module 6: Basic Workforce Management

  • Resource Planning
    • Forecasting fundamentals
    • Advance forecasting
    • Capacity planning fundamentals
    • Advanced capacity planning
  • Scheduling Defined
    • Scheduling shrinkage
  • Organization of the Workforce Management Team
    • Workforce management organization
    • Typical control tower organizational structure
  • Workforce Management Software Tools
    • Key workforce management metrics and goals
    • Workforce management tools
  • Monitoring adherence to schedule

Module 7: Quality and Call Monitoring

  • Introduction to Call Monitoring and Coaching
    • Introduction to call quality assurance
    • Impact of call handling on company image
  • Call Recording
    • Recording alternatives
    • When to record calls
    • Which calls to record
    • How long to save recorded calls
  • Call Monitoring, Scoring and Evaluating
  • Introduction to call monitoring
    • Classic methods of call monitoring
    • ​Evaluation process & forms
    • Building the definitions document
    • The evaluation form and scoring why the current methods are not optimal
    • The components of call monitoring

Module 8: Coaching For Performance

  • Agent Coaching
    • The art of agent coaching
    • Who should coach agents
    • How often do agents need to be coached
    • What is the best way to coach agents
    • Can the caller possibly coach the agent
  • How can an agent self-manage?
  • Slowing down his/her delivery
    • Asking for help regarding low FCR
    • Listening to those calls that are indicating poor customer satisfaction


Module 9: At-Home Agents

  • Does working from home increases productivity?
  • People Working from home Love their jobs
    • 10 reasons
  • Biggest benefits to working remotely
  • What is the new environment?
  • Wat are your customer’s expectations?
  • What do you need to do?


Module 10: Benchmarking

  • Introduction to Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking defined
    • Do Executives know your value?
    • How good is good enough?
    • How do you compare to your competitors?
  • What is your competitive advantage?
    • Benchmarking for profits
  • Call Center Benchmark Metrics
    • What metrics to compare
    • Collecting performance metrics
  • Basic Value Triad
**Content and material may be updated without prior notice.

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In-Person Course Cancellation Policy:

  • All students attending an In-Person/Classroom course have up to thirty (30) days before start date to cancel registrations for a refund. Any cancellation within 30 days will become a credit for a future course. Credits must be used within one year (12 months of issue).
  • Any cancellations within 14 days before the course will incur a $500 late cancellation fee. This fee will be deducted from your credit.
  • In rare instances, a course will be canceled, rescheduled or postponed:
    • You may receive a full refund or we can issue a credit for your company
    • BenchmarkPortal cannot be held responsible for penalties resulting from travel arrangements of any kind.
    • In the event that we do have to cancel a training course at the last minute, the college manager will contact you to either reschedule you into an alternate course or provide you with a full refund of the course price.
  • No shows will pay full course rates.

Purchasing Information:

  • Full payment is required 1-day prior to attendance.
  • If you are purchasing one or more of the courses with a business credit card please check your daily limits to avoid any possibility of the transaction getting declined (most cards have a $1,000 daily limit).

General Information:

  • After completion of an in-person course,  you will receive a certificate on the final day of class.
  • Certification through BenchmarkPortal and the College of Call Center Excellence is an achievement that is recognized internationally.

“I learned more about managing a call center in 3 days with BenchmarkPortal than I've learned over the last 3 years!"  Mgr Attendee Fort Myer’s, FL Nov 2017

“The class was great! Joe is an amazing instructor. He is very knowledgeable and makes the class informative and a lot of fun!" Bobby Johnson, Call Center Manager, Vystart Credit Union

“This was an exceptional course and I would do it all over again and I would recommend this to many. The instructor was fantastic and I learned quite a bit from him.” Mgr Attendee Fort Myer’s, FL Nov 2017

“Loved this! Wish I’d have had it sooner! Mgr Attendee Fort Myer’s, FL Nov 2017

“Nice to interact with other call center managers and share best practices with one another.” Mgr Attendee Fort Myer’s, FL Nov 2017

“Mr. Perez made the course interesting, made it relaxing yet informative. I learned more than I could have imagined and couldn't wait to learn more.” Kamari Young, Supervisor, A3i

“Great experience! I learned more than expected. Now I am ready for the WFM Certification Course! Thank you!”  Mgr Attendee Fort Myer’s, FL Nov 2017

"I didn't know how much went into making a call center run effectively until I took this course. Awesome and eye-opening! June 2017 Attendee

"Great course. Excellent instructor. Equips you well." Rich Miller, Call Center Manager, CBN

"Well thought out. Great information. Strong instructor. I wish I could have taken this class years ago when I was just starting out. Any call center of any size could benefit from this training."  Terri Eshleman, McKesson

“This course was a mind opener on how I can be a strategic manager.” Zeke Barbosa, Information & Referral Manager - May 2017

“I am truly blown away by the content that was given to me! I came in with high expectations and am leaving with them! I cannot wait to take this information back to my call center and dive away! Thank you!” May 2017 Attendee

“My experience was fantastic! I learned new ways to improve upon what we do already, and new ways to measure our success. I look forward to taking this information back to help us be a success that is more easily measured, while also creating an even better environment for my agents.” May 2017 Attendee

“I found that the material in this course provided validation for processes that were being performed correct and filled in knowledge gaps. As a new manager there has been a lot of learning by doing and this provided more of a path going forward.” May 2017 Attendee

“Class was very informative. Provided great materials & guides to take back to work to improve our center.” May 2017 Attendee

“The instructor was amazing, very informative, helpful & interactive with the class.” April 2017 Attendee

“Best Training I have attended!” Paula Lamere, Supervisor, Plain Green LLC. - April 2017

“The instructor is super knowledgeable and I benefited immensely from his expertise! April 2017 Attendee

“As a senior manager, this course gave me the information and tools to better supervise our call center manager. I am better prepared to ask him questions to improve our call center operation.” Byron French, EB Senior Manager - February 2017

“All the information was helpful. I feel like I have a good understanding & I know it will improve my management style.” February 2017 Attendee

“The college opened my mind again to stay the course on strategic thinking. As well as excitement in opportunities to make a difference in my role.” Kimberly Salamanca, Senior Manager - February 2017

“An eye opening experience. This was an educational course that taught me things that I wasn’t aware I didn’t know.” Adam Luna, Senior Manager - February 2017

“This class is a ‘MUST’, excellent facilitator and great materials.” Carmen Lecoor, Operations Manager, Conduent - February 2017

“The class was great and the instructor brought the class together early. The instructor was very professional & extremely knowledgeable!” January 2017 Attendee

“It was my first course directed at just a call center & I found it to be very helpful.” January 2017 Attendee

“Highly professional, informative & willing to assist during the course + after (follow-up). Above and beyond in professionalism & willingness to help our call center be the best.” January 2017 Attendee

“This is the first time in my 6 years in my call center that I have been exposed to valuable information that will help me improve my call center rather than just running it! Thank you! - Cesar Morales - Sales & Service Team Manager - January 2017

"This course is very comprehensive. It offers a broader view of total operations." John Richmond, Team Manager, American Family Insurance - October 2016

"Go for it, BenchmarkPortal works." Ft. Worth, TX Attendee - October 2016

"I really enjoyed the course and feel that I have the tools necessary to become more valuable to my team. I really enjoyed the instructor and his outgoing personality." Mary English, Supervisor Customer Service, USHealth Group

"The instructor was awesome! The information was great and gave me insight as to what I needed to take back into the office to apply best call resolution practices." Neloice Hollie, Lead Supervisor, USHealth Group

"Best course for senior management, Highly recommend!" Thomas Rice, PMP, CSM, Director, Call Center - October 2016

"I am thrilled that I attended this training. I will share the knowledge that I have obtained with my managers and my round-table group." Ft. Worth, TX Attendee - October 2016

"This was great insight to the ins-and-outs of managing a call center. It helped me reflect on my daily work and motivate me to make improvements in my center." Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"The CCCE course is a capstone for all management in the call center industry. It allows for learning and reinforcement at all levels of experience."  Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"Loved learning new ways to improve my skill-set to help my agents." Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"Great Course! I particularly enjoyed the sections on Workforce Management and Data Analytics the best." Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. Used good and relevant examples to explain his ideas." Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"Course will be extremely helpful to a new manager going into the call center. Provides an excellent overview of metrics, technology and management issues." Denver, CO Attendee - September 2016

"As a new manager, this course made everything I have previously learned come alive!" - Trish Glover, Director, Minneapolis 311 - Jacksonville, FL Attendee - July 2016

"The instructor was humorous and knowledgeable. The course materials provided great, useful info to use in my organizations call center. The presentation was one of the best that i've experienced!" - Jacksonville, FL Attendee - July 2016

"Enjoyed and learned a great deal. The instructor was wonderful and shared great stories to keep the material real and relevant." David McBride, Sales Manager - Jacksonville, FL Attendee - July 2016

"I came to this class with no call center experience. I now feel well prepared to implement a best in class call center." Gayle Irvin, Director-Customer Resource Center - Chicago, IL Attendee - June 2016

"Very helpful as we begin our call center journey. The presentation was very informative." Mason, OH Attendee - May 2016

"Very Informational! I will go back to the office with a new management strategy. The instructor was great." Ft. Myers, FL Attendee - March 2016

"This experience has not only inspired me, but it has given me the tools to succeed and be a better strategic leader." Paul Detmar, Customer Experience Center Manager - Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2016

"Great experience from a knowledgeable instructor. I feel that I have a much better understanding of how to run a call center efficiently and effectively. Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2016

"The course was excellent! For me being a novice to the call center it was easy for me to grasp the knowledge and understand. It truly helped me to fill the gaps and connect the dots." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2016

"I am leaving with a much broader understanding of call center management. I also have some (quite a few actually) immediate things I can put into place to improve my call center." Cary, NC Attendee - November 2015

"Great class! Very informative. Joe is extremely knowledgeable with on time real world experiences." Cary, NC Attendee - November 2015

"The class and instructor was spot on. I'm excited to get back and start working on making changes one step at a time. Thanks for an awesome class." Fort Myers, FL Attendee - October 2015

"This is the best training I have had. I feel that all this info is and will be very useful. Fort Myers, FL Attendee - October 2015

"This experience could be a game changer. I also feel this is a benefit for supervisors & analysts to attend this course. Every dime spent, including my travel expenses were worth it!" Michael Saritelli, Manager, Technical Support, Shentel - September 2015

"This course hit every part of managing a call center. You can't help but learn something new." Dallas, TX Attendee - September 2015

"Very informational and empowering! I sat on the board of a call center for 19 years and recently acquired the position as CEO this year. Your delivery was refreshing and much needed...I encourage every CEO and senior manager to take your class to make them aware of the challenges their managers and agents undergo on a daily basis." Celia Puff, CEO, Teledirect - August 2015

"This class was extrememly helpful. I have learned a lot! Thank you." Santa Clara, CA Attendee - August 2015

"This Training was perfect! Definitely worth it. Would high recommend this course to a co-worker." Santa Clara, CA Attendee - August 2015

"I thought the data analytics would be over my head, but our instructor made it easy to follow along. Great class!" Carole Hayes, Court Solution Center Supervisor - August 2015

"The program was very insightful and brought to my attention many areas of improvement that I can make not only in my management approach but in how I track my departments metrics. Very well done, I enjoyed every minute." Derek Valenti, AVP Call Center Manager, Workers Credit Union - July 2015

"I can say it's educational and very well planned. I had the best time with our instructor. I would absolutely recommend this course to other companies. We appreciate everything. " Terry Alaffa, Supervisor-Customer Service, EyeMed - July 2015

"Although I work in a company with sophisticated QA and WFM programs, I learned many new things that i'll use to re-evaluate current processes in order to do my job more efficiently and help my team. I am returning with a new focus!" April Beauford, Sales and Service Care Center Team Manager - June 2015

"Great refresher training for executives. The instructor was as always lively and entertaining!" Cedric Bourgoin, CEO-GM, Egis Projects Canada Inc. - June 2015

"I Loved this training, I learned so much! Loved it!" Mpande Musonda-Langley, Active Customer Relations Group Leader, WSSC - June 2015

"This experience was wonderful. The instructor was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable, his wealth of experience and knowledge in which he passed on will prove to be a vital tool which will enable me to get my call center on track and moving in the right direction." Orange County, CA Attendee - June 2015

"I felt very intimidated starting this course. Joe was a very good instructor and put me at ease. My ability to learn from him was very natural and enjoyable." Tiffany Wholt, Customer Service Supervisor - May 2015

"Very informative. I learned so much. The instructor made the experience very comfortable. I would recommend to anyone." Chicago, IL Attendee - May 2015

"This was one of the best professional courses I have attended. It was practical, thoughtful and the instructor was outstanding." Chicago, IL Attendee - May 2015

On-Site Telmate Management Workshop - April 2015

  • "This course was very informative. I have been in the call center industry for 18 years and I would highly recommend this course to any call center managers."
  • "This course opened up my perspectives on business in a call center. But most importantly the instructor was awesome in the way the material was delivered in real time perspective."
  • "It opened my eyes to focusing on what is important beyond the metric. I'm so used to putting out fires with daily activities that it had to become routine. Now I can start to efficiently and effectively make better use of my team and resources."
  • "This course was a great reality check on several levels. It opened my eyes on training gaps within my team, as well as provided new techniques to teach and develop my representatives."
  • "Anyone who works in a call center would benefit. It gives you insight into operational aspects."
  • "Great for every call center to have or get certified. Very great information to learn."
  • "This was the best training I could have asked for my managers. It clearly demonstrated how we need to understand the business objectives and correlate to our everyday work and focus on the important and urgent, not just the urgent (putting out fires all day). The need to move the business forward and be effective and efficient."
  • "I had a great time and learned a lot from the instructor. I can't wait to get back and apply what I learned."

"The instructor taught the course in such a way that kept our attention. I was very impressed with the tools given." Atlanta, GA Attendee - March 2015

"Joe was amazing! The best instructor I've had. His lifetime experiences give credit to the content. He knows what he talks about and it's clear Joe walks the talk." Atlanta, GA Attendee - March 2015

"Joe was a great instructor. The data & tools are great. I can't wait to tell my team of all the great take-aways I have gained from this course." Suzie Bartels, Supervisor, AutoTrader - March 2015

"I would recommend that anyone applying for certification take this course." Atlanta, GA Attendee - March 2015

"Excellent, very applicable to real life situations" Jacksonville, FL Attendee - February 2015

"The College of Call Center Excellence allowed me to "see the bigger picture" of how all the pieces in a contact center operate and influence one another and the overall performance of the contact center." Jacksonville, FL Attendee - February 2015

"I will manage differently after this class. I have skills now to analyze,coach and build a better team." Private On-Site at Center - February 2015

"The experience was great, the instructor was very knowledgeable on all the information." Private On-Site at Center - February 2015

"This course showed us how and where improvements can be made in my current position and in the call center." Private On-Site at Center - February 2015

"The College of Call Center Excellence gave me a better understanding of the opportunities at my call center. We have a lot of work to do and now I feel like I have a blue print of how to get there." Private On-Site at Center - February 2015

"Coming to CCCE with the little knowledge I had about call center management made me feel behind. After learning so much from BenchmarkPortal and seeing that others have the same issues, I am confident I can go back and bring my center up to speed." Antraneise Jackson, Customer Service Manager - November 2014

"I wish I would have taken this course my first year as a call center manager." Michelle Simon, Call Center Manager, Ameritas - November 2014

"I have love being connected to BenchmarkPortal and the valuable information that is provided. Has been an amazing experience." Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"The instructor was an outstanding leader and facilitator. I greatly enjoyed his personal insights and experiences. The interaction of other students and the "real" experiences were all very helpful." Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"I am leaving with a wealth of information on how to run my call center more efficiently and effectively. I really enjoyed the experience." Julie Taylor, Call Center Supervisor, Coastal Communities Teachers Credit Union - November 2014

"I was able to identify my gaps to take me from thinking I have a good call center." Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"Great real world examples. Numerous take aways to implement immediately." Paul Chupp, Manager, Ameritas, Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"Great overview of how to effectively and efficiently run a contact center." Dan Ray, Manager, Ameritas, Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"A must do for any Call Center Supervisor. Too much information to not have. Best learning opportunity in years." Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"It was a very interactive course with great information about metrics, workforce, hiring and training process. Looking forward to more courses like this." Call Center Campus Attendee - November 2014

"I am going back to my office with lots of new projects and goals. It was an amazing experience. I am taking lots of new ideas and knowledge." Dallas, TX Attendee - September 2014

"Training was exceptional. I feel every manager, supervisor, and upper management should go through this course." Cara Cline, Customer Support Supervisor, Edmentum - September 2014

"The course was great! meaningful information that can be applied to my center immediately." Dallas, TX Attendee - September 2014

"Being a new supervisor I was overwhelmed with all the work. This course helped me get my priorities in order and helped me realize that the right small changes could bring in big results." EFG Companies, Dallas, TX Attendee - September 2014

"The call center management course is absolutely worth the money. Don't wait." Stephanie Bush - September 2014

"I'm brand new to the call center environment and I truly feel as if i can now effectively manage my staff with precise and measurable metrics." Dallas, TX Attendee - September 2014

"The course is eye opening. The metrics were always available, but now I really know how to use them properly." Santa Clara, CA Attendee - August 2014

"The instructor was incredible. Very relatable and direct. The class reiterated the importance of customers." Santa Clara, CA Attendee- August 2014

"Couldn't have had a better instructor. Real world experience was a huge plus and really enhansed my learning. Great takeaways and tools that I can't wait to use to improve our center." Santa Clara, CA Attendee- August 2014

"This course helped me not only understand what others in the industry are doing, but made me feel good knowing that we are on the right track." Mason, OH Attendee - June 2014

"This experience was extremely informative and the feedback and knowledge shared will be extremely beneficial. Love Joe - Awesome Instructor." Etoyi Townson, Workforce Manager, AutoTrader - April 2014

"After 25 years plus being a call center manager and numerous trainings. This is the BEST Training session ever. Thank you Joe!!!" Atlanta, GA Attendee - April 2014

"Learning the tools to improve our agent satisfaction, customer satisfaction and better ways to reduce our budget was eye opening and a great experience." Joe's fun personality and vast knowledge of the industry made the class that much more worth my time." Atlanta, GA Attendee - April 2014

"I'm glad I was able to take this class. I gained an understanding of the call center world that I didn't have before." Atlanta, GA Attendee - April 2014

"The curriculum was very insightful and coupled with the trainers experience, both made this course one of the most exceptional courses i've taken." Atlanta, GA Attendee - April 2014

On-Site LEFLEUR Management Workshop - February 2014

  • "Best Training we had in years."
  • "Great course, learned a lot, this will make me a better manager."
  • "Joe, the instructor was very informative and a joy. His wealth of knowledge and expertise will save us very well in future endeavors."
  • "Joe's knowledge-base is an invaluable resource. From the first hour it was clear that he knows the materials well."
  • "Joe is a great teacher. He explained with full knowledge so that I understood. He asked if anyone had any questions and made me feel valued. Great Job!"
  • "Joe is a wonderful instructor. He is genuine, accessible and knowledgeable. The information included in the course was invaluable to our future."
  • "Great training - increased my knowledge about different call components and how they affect the overall composition and the success or failure of a call center."
  • "Most useful information for customer service improvement."
  • "The course provided in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a call center department, which will be valuable in future business successes moving forward."
  • "The training was great. I hope to get more involvement with BenchmarkPortal. Thank you!"

"BenchmarkPortal allowed me to grow as a manager by providing me with the necessary tools to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Definitely a must for other call center managers." San Diego Attendee - February 2014

"I have a new outlook on what it takes to be a call center manager from this course. I learned many new tools and measurements to help the success of my agents and employer." Nancy Benson, Loyalty and Retention Customer Service Manager, Rivo Holding, February 2014

"After being in the industry for over 10 years this course is an eye opening experience. It will be put to great use at my workplace. It has provided the skills needed to push my team to the next level. This course was a wealth of knowledge!" Jose Lopez, Network Operations Center Supervisor, Maritime Telecommunications Networks Inc. - February 2014

"This course was a mind blowing experience. I left the class more focused and driven to support our customer needs." San Diego Attendee - February 2014

"I'm very excited to go back to work and implement everything I learned. The class was educational and fun making it easy to stay focused. Thank you" San Diego Attendee - February 2014

"This was by far, one of the best classes I have ever taken that I believe will help me grow in my career." Sabrina Diaz, Director of Customer Care, Oakley - Over 25 years experience- February 2014

"Joe is an amazing talent. I loved everything about this class. So glad I was able to attend." San Diego, CA Attendee - February 2014

"Great course, interesting and actionable content, fabulous presenter - Jose Perez. I would recommend this course as a fantastic course for both new and experienced call center professionals. Four Gold Stars!" Susan Rasmussen, Manager Business Analysis, CSAA Insurance Group - January 2014

"Overall, a very thorough detailed course providing call center managers with the tools and knowledge to perform better." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2014

"Great class. Very eye opening as I am in a metric position. This course will help me develop better processes that support our agents." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2014

"Overall, was a great experience. Our instructor Jose was very engaging and kept what could have been dry material fresh and fun. Home Run!" Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2014

"I have been working in call centers all my life and I thought I had a good grasp on things. This course provided much more new (to me) content than expected. Well worth it! Jose was smart, funny, interesting and accommodating." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2014

"It's easy to see the BMP & Jose are in tune with the industry. Excellent Job!" Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - January 2014

"Joe - Thank you for the enthusiasm and energy you brought to the class, which made it a fun, educational and inspiring learning experience!  Your knowledge, experience, expertise and ability are refreshing!  Conducting it in the beautiful AMA office was the icing on the cake! Thanks again for the enjoyable time!" Chicago, IL Attendee - October 2-13

"The training was more than I expected. It was applicable to any call center, whether you have 4 people or 400. It brought home real life examples and experiences which definitely are designed to help support supervisory and management decisions. The training provided more than a cursory glance at topics like customer satisfaction, quality assurance, human resource management to name a few. The value of detail I got from the data analysis and reporting module opened my eyes to how to effectively utilize data generated from the center. Overall this experience provides you with an arsenal of information to guide you to be a better manager and challenges your creative process as you go through the normal paces of work. This was an eye opener, a true "WOW" learning experience. i am glad I was a part of this experience." Inger Hainsley-Bennett, Customer Service Manager, Companies Office of Jamaica - July 2013

"Facilitator was Fantastic! Knowledgeable, Intuitive and thought provoking." Brianne Brown, Call Center Supervisor, Tulsa Customer Care Center - July 2013

"As a new manager this course armed me with all of the information and tools that I need to be successful! It was a wonderful experience!" Samantha Folks, Customer Support Manager, Edmentum - July 2013

"Great course, great experience! This course opens every avenue to contact center management. Highly recommended." Ron Judd, Customer Relations Manager, Egis Canada - July 2013

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and lively with his delivery. The content of the material helped us realize where we are missing the mark with importance and where to place our value." Tulsa, OK - July 2013 Attendee

"The course was exactly what I was looking for. I am considering setting up a near-shore call center, but have no experience in the field. I am not planning on being an on-site manager, but wanted to know how a call center works in order to evaluate the qualifications and knowledge of people I may be interviewing as potential employees, etc. I believe this seminar gave me that knowledge base which will be important for setting up the call center and overseeing its continuing operation. Joe was an excellent instructor. He imparted a wealth of information while maintaining a conversational tone throughout the seminar. We had lunch one day and I was able to asking him some questions about my plans and he was very encouraging. I will probably be in touch with BenchmarkPortal in the future to seek more guidance as this project progresses. Thanks to BenchmarkPortal for a valuable and enjoyable experience." John Scott, Manager - July 2013

"I am excited to return to my center and apply some of the things I've learned. I feel invigorated and refocused." Mason, OH Attendee - June 2013

"The tools given in this training will be beneficial for using in our call center. I cannot wait to get back and put what I learned to great use!" Erin Hubert, Associate Manager, MESSA - March 2013

"This is the type of course I needed and sought for our organizational growth as well as professional development & growth for me and my staff. I look forward to taking some of the individual courses to learn and apply." Athena Plummer, Director, City of Virginia Beach: Emergency Communications & Citizen Services - March 2013

"Great surprise for me, a wealth of knowledge was shared by Dayne and the participants. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with BenchmarkPortal & Dayne, she is great! She was an excellent presenter, patient, able to supply complex concepts, methodologies in form we could all understand." Robert Putman, Supervisor Technical Assistance Center, Parata Systems - March 2013

"The course was outstanding. I have supervised a call center for over two years and was amazed to see how little I knew about this business. Dayne was an absolutely wonderful instructor." Greensboro, NC Attendee - March 2013

"Dayne's experience truly made the program worth twice what I was charged. Truly eye opening program with the vast amount of content." Michael Woodard, Director, Learning & Development, Fleetcor - March 2013

"Wonderfully positive experience that had me leaving energized and thinking of possibilities." Greensboro, NC Attendee - March 2013

"I enjoyed learning about best practices. The course encouraged me to think about our current practices and reflect on the areas that we can improve upon to increase employee retention and improve our customer experience." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - February 2013

"This was one of the best courses I had in years. Normally, after day one I lose focus and want to return to work. This course made me focus on how I can improve operations at work. Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - February 2013

"Great forum for call centers from different industries to get together and talk about what works for them and what doesn't." Scottsdale, AZ Attendee - February 2013

"I feel more empowered than when I walked in." Judy Alstrom, Contact Center Assistant Manager, Consumers Credit Union - February 2013

"Joe's real world experience kept the class totally engaged for 3 days. He is amazing! Eric St. Hilaire-Smith, SVP Customer Relations, Equiant Financial Services - February 2013

"Although I manage a Center of Excellence, based on subject matter covered in the management course, I found that there is so much more that I can learn and put in to place in my call Center.  In the upcoming years, I will also be taking the QA and QM courses to get dive deeper in the details." Theresa Bode, Director of Member Services, Teachers Credit Union - November 2012

"I was very pleased with how well the course was put together. It provides info relevant to small and large call centers. The course provides an indirect approach to the top call center concerns and validates all info that is given. If you run a call center, this course is a must. Not only will you learn from the course, but every one else brings their info to the class and you can use them as a reference." Mike Rooks, Call Center Supervisor, Nevada Adult Day Care - November 2012

"It was an excellent training. Very thorough and descriptive. I would recommend to all of my associates." Juanita Swanson, Supervisory, Veterans Administration Health Resource Center - September 2012

"It was a great experience that provided many valuable takeaways for implementation or further conversation at my current job." Christy Casey, CSC Branch Chief, United States Coast Guard - September 2012

"It is rare for contact center managers to learn from a well versed instructor and share real life stories with others in the business." MaryAnn Novajosky, Call Center Manager, Securitas USA - September 2012

"This course has helped provide clarity on identifying the right actions for my business and how to develop action plans for continuous improvement." September 2012 Attendee

The curriculum was very in-depth and can be easily applied. The training was fun, simple and magical! WOW! Khristina Lazalde, Director Global Call Center Training & Quality, Herbalife - July 2012

"Knowing we are not alone and building relationships to enable us to reach out to each other. Changes peoples LIVES." Tina Spalding, Director, APAC Distributor Services, Herbalife - July 2012

"GREAT. Highly recommended and the small class size allowed for a great exchange of practices in play." Kai Martin, Vice President, The Pasha Group - August 2012

"This class environment was amazing. I walked out of the class with many new resources, who I look forward to working with. I enjoyed the collaborative learning." Jennifer Koepke, Global Contact Center Manager, Milestone Technology - August 2012

"I felt the class was excellent on all levels: content, instructor, participants to hospitality and environment." April Cook, American Health Connection - August 2012

"Dru Phelps was a GREAT instructor. She is very knowledgeable in all areas and listens to each person to get a better understanding." Tamica Emerson, Supervisor, VA Health Benefits 

Great course! Program material was very thorough, well structured and highly informative. This workshop provided useful examples, proven best practices and training methods that should be implemented by any call center seeking to improve overall performance, agent and customer satisfaction." Gregory Head - January 2012

"Very Educational. We have a lot of action items to bring back! Even the most seasoned call center manager would be stimulated by content." January 2012 - Course Attendee

"This workshop definitely met my expectations. It helped me change my thought pattern about what tools we want to invest in, in terms of technology. I am now going to re-direct dollars in a different way after consulting about where the future is going now." Call Center Campus 2011 - Video Testimonial

"A lot of networking, very personal and small classroom size. The instructor allowed us to ask a lot of questions and see what other call center managers in our industry are doing. The training was great, very comfortable, very relaxed and very enjoyable." Call Center Campus 2011 - Video Testimonial

"The College of Call Center Excellence provided excellent content on a wide variety of Call Center topics that was extremely relevant and immediately applicable to my operation. The interaction with other call center professionals was an invaluable aspect of the learning environment. I came back to my job energized and with clear tools for making improvements to my center." Noel Allen, Director of Customer Service, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co.

"Once again thanks for an outstanding program, many new ideas to share with my colleagues." George Richardson, Wright Express

"I wanted to thank you for a great class last week. The class exceeded my expectations. I returned to work today feeling very motivated and armed with some new skills and knowledge to make a difference here at Forethought." Shelia Merkel, Manager, Client Services Forethought Financial

"The Call Center Manager Certification class was one of the most engaging classes I have had the privilege to attend. The facilitator for the class created an environment which allowed for an exchange of ideas mixed in with industry best practices. Even though I am an experienced Contact Center Manager, I was able to find value in the material and the class interaction. I would highly recommend this course!" Mark A. Brody, Assistant Manager, DPRV, TG

"I recently completed call center management certification in Altanta, GA earlier this month. The ideas and take aways I left with were great! Dru did an excellent job leading our class through our training sessions while also providing effective examples relating to the subject matter from her years of experience. I have already benefited from this certification and I will be staying in touch with my classmates too." Michael Jordan, Metro Credit Union

"The American Medical Association Unified Service Center management team participated in The College of Call Center Excellence Leadership Certification Program. The content was challenging, well organized, and relevant. The program inspired a cross-pollination of good ideas across a diverse group of call center managers." Gloria Gupta, Director Service, American Medical Association

"I would highly recommend the AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes, even to people who have experience in call centers. They actually get more out of it - not only because of exchange of ideas, but because there's a good mix of people in the class." Joanna Terlecka-Bos, Operations Manager, M&I BankCard Services

"Since attending AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes, we have implemented several key changes to improve our operations," Lopez says. In the scheduling area, Banco Santander now uses call center capacity software to justify headcount and schedule agents more efficiently. In addition, the company has developed a more appropriate set of metrics to set and track objectives. The four-day class is user-friendly, practical, and gives you the knowledge to be a leader in customer retention and market share. As for the critical area of satisfaction measurement and tracking, Lopez says, "New caller contact reporting methods have been devised that have justified all the changes made, and our call center data is now seen as valuable information related to customer satisfaction and loyalty." Rafael Lopez, Director of Customer Services for Banco Santander Puerto Rico

"The college's curriculum addresses a variety of topics, from effective capacity planning and forecasting call loads to resource management, recruiting, training and motivating and retaining a first-class team of agents. Many successful businesses recognize that call centers need to be managed as a strategic business tool that delivers competitive advantage. AT&T has enhanced and expanded the curriculum to explore and address current, real-world issues such as improving process measurements and re-engineering management." Dr Jon Anton, Purdue University

"AT&T College of Call Center Excellence classes were extremely well done and helpful. The material was presented well and was very useful and relevant. I look forward to attending future sessions." Stephanie Kennedy, Gage Marketing Group

"Quantum Corporation places a great deal of emphasis and importance on our most valued asset, our customers. To further increase our customer satisfaction and keep our Customer Service call center operation on the cutting edge, we are using the valuable concepts, technologies, tools and ideas that were presented in the AT&T College of Call Center Excellence program. I would recommend these courses to any person who is interested in improving his or her call center operations." Bruce Shadmehri, Technical and Business Support Manager, Quantum Corporation

"I have attended nine call center training classes. AT&T's College of Call Center Excellence program was by far the most useful training I have ever taken. It is run in a professional manner by people who have actually done the job. If you are looking for the best all around training for your contact center management team this is number one hands down." Comet Brower, Contact Center Manager,

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