Contact Center Assessments

Due Diligence (for Acquisitions)

The contact center is the focal point of customer interaction and deserves a close look as part of your acquisition due diligence process.

Our Contact Center Due Diligence offering harnesses the database and expert knowledge of BenchmarkPortal, providing management and advisers with valuable information to:

  • Understand the current state of the customer contact function
  • Assess and quantify risk
  • Identify areas for improvement that can add value going forward.

We know mergers and acquisitions. Our CEO was a Mergers & Acquisitions professional who worked on transactions internationally. We can work quickly, flexibly and effectively, side-by-side with client teams and professional advisers.

The BenchmarkPortal due diligence team is led by Bruce Belfiore, a graduate of Harvard Business and Law Schools, and a former M&A professional with investment banks in the U.S., London and Milan. He was a Series 7 license holder, and a member of the SFA in the United Kingdom. Bruce has written and spoken extensively in the United States and abroad, and holds both U.S. and Italian citizenship. He is the author of the book Benchmarking at its Best for Customer Contact Centers and he has authored numerous white papers and case studies on new technologies and emerging best practices in the customer contact sector. He has consulted with many Fortune Global 500 companies and is the CEO of BenchmarkPortal, as well as Chancellor of the College of Call Center Excellence.

The Elements of our Offering are:


Understanding The Goals Of The Client

  • Meeting with clients to understand exactly what their goals are for their call center operations. This can be done on-site at the client’s premises, or remotely, depending on client desires and budget.

Benchmarking Survey Report: In-Depth RealityCheck™

The gold standard for the Call Center industry. It includes:

  • Twenty-two key performance metrics that compare a call center to others in its industry
  • A Balanced Scorecard that groups the metrics into two categories:
    • Efficiency, or cost-related metrics, and Effectiveness, or quality-related metrics
  • A Performance Matrix that puts these metrics through an expert formula and plots the target call center against its industry peers

On-Site Audit of the Target Customer Contact Center(s) by Industry Experts

These experts analyze the benchmarking results and conduct a structured, 24-process review of the center(s) using BenchmarkPortal’s proprietary methodology. Typically, a team of experts will spend three days at each site to “bottom out” strengths and weaknesses that a potential acquirer should know about people, processes and technology, and how the center stacks up against current best practices.

Agent Satisfaction Survey

This in-depth look at the state of satisfaction, loyalty, and longevity of the customer care employees is a “must have” for acquiring companies. Created by our experts, this survey gives insights into agent attitudes, which studies show have high correlation with customer satisfaction, as well as expensive employee turnover. Open-ended questions also provide excellent insights and ideas for acquiring management.

Caller Satisfaction Survey

This is tailored to the needs of the individual situation, and can be aimed at caller satisfaction only (i. e., measuring satisfaction with the customer contact function alone), or can be broadened to include customer satisfaction in general. We can also provide a critical assessment of the current survey methodologies utilized by the target company to determine their validity and usefulness.

Post Assessment

The Audit will result in a PowerPoint WebEx presentation, plus a concise written report that details the methodology, limitations, findings and conclusions of the Audit.
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