iBenchmark® Automated Benchmarking

The Next Big Thing in Contact Center Benchmarking!
Ease + Expertise
iBenchmark Gives You The Best of Both Worlds.
Automate Your Benchmarking and Receive Monthly Consulting With The Industry’s Best Advisers!

Contact center benchmarking is a valuable, proven tool in any best practices improvement program. Metrics point to competitive weak spots, and analysis points to fixes.

However, it takes a major effort to assemble and input the metrics manually, and so most centers benchmark only once per year, limiting the potential benefits.

To overcome this issue, Bruce Belfiore and the BenchmarkPortal team of experts invented iBenchmark.  This automated benchmarking product allows your contact center data to flow through a secure API to our database. You receive monthly reports without the hassle.

Monthly monitoring will provide more managerial control and assist in selecting improvement initiatives that will have measurable impacts on financial and operational performance. Companies that are part of our Certified Center of Excellence program can monitor their progress during the year, and take corrective action if necessary to maintain their certification status. iBenchmark thus represents a major step forward for call center decision-makers.

Ask us if we can connect with your current ACD vendor.

iBenchmark Works As Follows:

Monthly Reports To Help You Manage

BenchmarkPortal will provide you with the iBenchmark technology that allows your ACD (and eventually your IVR and Workforce Management Systems) to send metrics to us securely and automatically. If we do not have the APIs needed for your system in place, we will work with you and your vendor to provide it.

Kickoff Call / Setup

We hold a kickoff call with each user to include IT people from both sides to talk through the simple items needed to get iBenchmark up and running. We will also introduce your iBenchmark expert and your BenchmarkPortal relationship manager at that time (If you already have an expert and a relationship manager assigned, you will continue with them for purposes of iBenchmark).

The IT people for both sides will then set up the iBenchmark data feed. If your ACD provider is cloud-based, then we will work with the provider as well on your behalf.

Safe & Secure

We do not receive any personal contact, client, employee information.  We only look at strickly Contact Center Metrics and they are stored in a secure server maintained by BenchmarkPortal’s high standards. 

Reviewing Your Results With a Certified Expert Each Month

Your certified expert will dig into your metrics, help you interpret your benchmarking results and guide you through a process of discernment, decision-making and execution of improvement initiatives. This includes reviewing your results with you by WebEx each month, and tracking your metrics and calculating your improvements in terms of costs and in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. In this way, we believe that iBenchmark will become a valued part of your management processes. iBenchmark reports can become key components of your presentations to senior management and will show the progress you are making and the value you are adding.

The Advantage of Expert Advice – BMP’s Certified Experts:

  • Have years of contact center experience
  • Are recognized leaders, instructors and authors
  • Provide monthly updates via WebEx-style conference call
  • Are available for on-site assistance
  • Provide just the right level of support for managers’ individual needs
  • Can demonstrate savings and ROI – even EPS calculations

The following videos we have created to be respectful of your time:

2 Minute Video

8 Minute Video

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

For more information on iBenchmark, and to find out if we are currently able to connect with your ACD provider, please contact your BenchmarkPortal Relationship Manager.

If you do not have a Relationship Manager now, please fill in your information below and we will contact you shortly.

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