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Mutual Statement of Confidentiality & Data Accuracy


Benchmarking requires the collection of Proprietary Information from the participating company, herein referred to as the “Participant.” “Proprietary Information” is defined as, and limited to, specific data relating to the Participant’s call center performance, gathered directly or indirectly from the Participants’ systems. It is vital that the information submitted by the Participant is current, complete, and accurate. It is also vital that the Participant’s Proprietary Information be held in strictest confidence by BenchmarkPortal, so that Participants can have total confidence that their individual data will not be made known to any other party without prior written permission.


Representation by Participant

The Participant, by submission of its data, represents that the data and information supplied is current, accurate, and complete, to the best of its knowledge. All such data are submitted under the authority of a properly authorized manager of the Participant.


Representation by BenchmarkPortal

BenchmarkPortal agrees to maintain the Proprietary Information it receives from the Participant (whether directly, or through a third-party consultant, or a certified benchmarking specialist, or business partner, or other approved intermediary) in strict confidence, and will employ its best efforts to prevent disclosure thereof by any of its employees or collaborators, unless authorized by the Participant.

BenchmarkPortal will use the Participant’s Proprietary Information to create statistical summary reports of performance. Proprietary Information from an individual Participant is never published by itself, except in the Participant’s own benchmark reports. Only aggregate data, which includes averages, quartiles, etc., will be published and disseminated to the BenchmarkPortal Community of Participants or other third parties.

Thank you for participating in this important industry-wide research!


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