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How to Put Callers on Hold
Agent Soft Skills Part IX

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How to Put Callers on Hold
Agent Soft Skills Part IX
Effective Questioning
Agent Soft Skills Part VI
Handling Angry Callers
Agent Soft Skills Part III
5 Key Plays to Great Call Performance
How To Say No The Right Way
Agent Soft Skills Part VIII
8 Steps to Improving Active Listening
Agent Soft Skills Part V
5 Tips for Expressing Empathy Over the Phone
Agent Soft Skills Part II
Work At Home Agents:
The New Normal in a Pandemic (COVID-19) Era
How to be a Great Team Player
Agent Soft Skills Part VII
Tone of Voice
Agent Soft Skills Part IV
7 Tips for Effective Communication
Agent Soft Skills Part I

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#136 CALLTALK: Managing with COVID-19
BenchmarkPortal’s Town Hall
How to Run a Successful Quality Assurance Team: From Start to Finish
Generation Zoom: How to Succeed with your Gen Z Employees
Supervisors are the Key to every Contact Center
How’s the Air Up There? | Hard Lessons & Helpful Solutions: Contact Center Management Tips
How and Why Contact Center Benchmarking Works

Management Training Certification

Call Center Manager On-Demand

Managing Metrics Series

Cost Per Contact
AUX Time
Schedule Adherence
First Contact Resolution
Average Handle Time
Agent Turnover
Agent Occupancy & Utilization
Average Speed of Answer

Benchmarking Your Center

CallTalk™ Caramels

Emerging Best Practices for Training and Retaining in the “New Normal”
How 2021 Looks for Contact Centers?
CX + EX = Success!
 Digital CX in Consumer Utilities

Contact Center Management Mastery Series

Agent Turnover

Mastering Agent Turnover

Call Center Motivation

Mastering Agent Motivation 

Call Center Training and Motivation

Mastering Training and Team Development

Mastering Contact Center KPI’s

Call Center benchmarking

Mastering Contact Center Benchmarking

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