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How To Greet Callers

How To Survive And Thrive In A Contact Center

How To Handle Foreign Accents

Why Metrics Matter For Contact Center Agents

Do And Don’t Phrases For Contact Center Agents

How To Use The Right Tone Of Voice

How To Ask Probing Questions

How To Become A Rockstar Call Center Agent

Work At Home Stress

Active Listening Exercises

Managing Silent Gaps In Calls

Why Customer Service Agents Are Heroes

10 Tips For New Customer Service Agents

How To Make Callers Feel Important

Controlling Talkative Callers

Mirroring Callers To Build Rapport

How To Build Rapport

5 Common Mistakes Agents Make & How To Avoid Them

How To Get The Most From Coaching Sessions

How To Handle Stress

How To Put Callers On Hold

How To Say No The Right Way

How To Be A Great Team Player

Effective Questioning

8 Steps To Improving Active Listening

Tone Of Voice

Handling Angry Callers

5 Tips For Expressing Empathy Over The Phone

7 Tips For Effective Communication

And more…

$995.00 / 12 months

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$995.00 / 12 months

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