Contact Center Training

College of Call Center Excellence

Management Training

This course is composed of ten information-rich modules (Leadership, HR, Technology, Quality Monitoring, Coaching, Caller Sat, WFM, Self-Service, Benchmarking, Analytics & Reporting) that cover all aspects of contact center management using practical problem solving and current call center best practices.

Quality Assurance

Gain an understanding of the requirements necessary to build a “best-in-class” quality monitoring & assessment processes. Identify those agent behaviors that provide an excellent customer experience, i.e., reduce the customer effort to solve their problems, answer their questions & drive loyalty.

Workforce Management

This course covers the entire workforce management process from beginning to end: gathering data, forecasting models, staffing plans, budget & scheduling, etc. This course will focus on real-world examples of solutions that work in practice – not just theory.

Coaching for Performance

Improve and sustain agent performance. During the course we will review the role, responsibilities and characteristics of an “ideal” coach. We will also discuss management’s expectations and review the impact of agent performance on key call center metrics.

Supervisor Training

This course will strengthen your supervisors’ overall skills and empower them with new techniques that will improve all aspects of your contact center performance. Build the skills that turn former agents into leaders & good supervisors into great supervisors.

Agent Training

Designed to impart and instill best practices soft skills to the people who interact directly with your customers. Focus on improving the skills needed to add value to job performance and exceed customer expectations.

Annual Call Center Campus Week in Phoenix, AZ

Symposium, Networking and 4 Training Courses

October 8-12, 2018

Top Call Center ConferenceThis annual, unique call center industry event presents an opportunity for attendees to interact personally with peers and contact center leaders, hear about the latest research and emerging best practices, and bring home practical ideas to drive their call centers’ performance to the top.

The week is divided into a two-day symposium (Monday -Tuesday) which features talks and discussions to inspire innovative thinking and engage participants in exploring compelling ways to advance their performance. The second component is the classroom component (Wednesday – Friday), during which attendees can take one of four BenchmarkPortal certification courses (Manager, Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Coaching for Performance).

Training Delivery Options

In-Person Training (Public)

Courses are held at select Call Centers across the nation. The courses usually include a tour of the hosting center.

On-Site Training (Private)

Courses that are held at your contact center site and are tailored to your timing and content needs. Minimize time away from work and travel expenses.

Live Online Call Center Training

Cost-effective way to maximize your training dollars, provide virtual training in your call center or home, and cover the key challenges you face.

On-Demand Call Center Training

When you need it, when you want it. We take advantage of today’s most modern techniques and try to keep our courses fun to encourage rapid learning.

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