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Too often companies entrust their calls to outsourcers and then wonder if the outsourcer is as good as it should be. Conversations with the outsourcer, monitored calls and periodic reports do not always reveal everything you want to know about how your outsourcer is doing.

BenchmarkPortal’s Call Center Outsourcer Assessment helps companies understand if their outsourcer is performing in line with industry standards and best practices. It is performed in a professional manner, designed to build and strengthen good partner relationships on the basis of transparency and continuous improvement. While the Outsourcer Assessment will identify problem outsourcers, it will also confirm and improve positive outsourcing partnerships using objective standards that we have developed over years of benchmarking and best practices research.

Put BenchmarkPortal’s database, methodology and expertise to work for you. Whether you are new to your management position and want a report on an outsourcer relationship, or you have a longstanding relationship with an outsource partner and feel a checkup would be healthy, or you have recently launched an outsource partnership and wish to have an expert opinion on how things are going, BenchmarkPortal is in a position to help you. Please contact us today.

BenchmarkPortal is the leader in benchmarking and certifying call centers. The BenchmarkPortal database of key performance metrics, collected from thousands of call centers, has become the worldwide source for best practice standards for customer service call centers.

“Call center outsourcing has developed into a strategic business decision for many companies worldwide. The call center is a vital interface between a company and its customers and many managers want to know: How do I know my outsourcer is doing a good job? How do I know the metrics the outsourcer supplies are correct? Should I renew with my current outsourcer or look for a new one? Can anyone help me determine if my current service level agreement is fair and within industry standards?” What is the impact of my outsourcer on my customers’ view of my company?”
Bruce Belfiore, CEO BenchmarkPortal

The Elements Of Our Offering Are:  


Understanding The Goals Of The Client

  • Meeting with clients to understand exactly what their goals are for their outsourced operations. This can be done on-site at the client’s premises, or remotely, depending on client desires and budget.
  • Review of client-outsourcer relationship: SLA’s, operating-level communications, call monitoring, training processes, reports and meetings, etc.

Multi-Channel In-Depth RealityCheck™

  • Twenty-two key performance metrics that compare the Call Center to others in its industry
  • A Balanced Scorecard that groups the metrics into two categories:
    • Efficiency, or cost-related metrics, and Effectiveness, or quality-related metrics
  • A Performance Matrix, that puts these metrics through an expert formula and plots the target call center against its industry peers

On-Site Audit of the Target Customer Contact Center(s) by Industry Experts

Audit of the target customer contact center(s) by BenchmarkPortal’s industry experts. These experts analyze the benchmarking results and conduct a structured, 24-process review of the center(s) using BenchmarkPortal’s proprietary methodology. Typically, a team of experts will spend three days at each site to “bottom out” strengths and weaknesses that a potential acquirer should know about people, processes, and technology, and how the center’s practices stack up against current best practices.

Agent Satisfaction Survey

This in-depth look at the state of satisfaction, loyalty, and longevity of the customer care employees is a “must have” for acquiring companies. Created by our BenchmarkPortal experts, this survey gives insights into agent attitudes, which studies show have a high correlation with customer satisfaction. Happy agents make for happy customers. The reverse is also true. Open-ended questions also provide excellent insights and ideas for acquiring management.

Caller Satisfaction Survey

This is tailored to the needs of the individual situation, and can be aimed at caller satisfaction only (i.e., measuring satisfaction with the customer contact function alone), or can be broadened to include customer satisfaction in general. We can also provide a critical assessment of the current survey methodologies utilized by the target company.

Executive Presentation

The Audit will result in a PowerPoint WebEx presentation, plus a concise written report that details the methodology, limitations, findings and conclusions of the Audit. The BenchmarkPortal team will create a roadmap to improve and show potential areas for cost savings. A template of a sample Audit report is available upon request.

Steps To Begin Call Center Outsourcer Assessment:

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