Contact Center Assessments

Training Audit


Want to improve agent performance for better business results?

BMP’s Call Center Training Audit is designed for organizations that want to understand how effectively their learning programs equip agents to serve customers. The output of our Assessment is a set of recommendations for building a more effective learning program.

The Call Center Training Audit includes a pre-visit review of agent performance data and training program information, followed by in-depth, on-site discovery conducted by BMP’s learning industry expert. The assessment reveals areas of opportunity for improvement in the areas of people, process, and technology.

Want to know which learning strategies will result in performance gains?

 Pre-Visit Process

  • Training Organization Review: We want to understand the nature and size of the training department, how it is structured, and where it resides in your organization. We review organizational charts, job descriptions, and annual performance review criteria.
  • Training Materials Review: We review and evaluate a broad sample of learning materials such as Instructor Guides, slides, handouts, and/or e-Learning modules. We evaluate the instructional design quality of materials.
  • Quality Assurance Program Review: We review quality scorecards, definitions documents, and recent QA trending data.

We then schedule a time to come on-site to dive deeper into the people, processes, and technology that support learning.  The on-site discovery is led by BenchmarkPortal’s Training Strategy Consultant.

On-Site Activities Include Interviews or Focus Groups With:

  • Call Center Manager(s): to obtain their perspective(s) on business “pain points”, agent performance, and the efficiency and effectiveness of current training strategies
  • HR: to understand recruitment practices and employment screening criteria, as well as to gain insights into agent performance, job satisfaction, and turnover
  • Call Center Training Manager: to learn about departmental challenges, strengths, and areas of opportunity
  • Call Center Quality Management team: to find out about QA practices, poor performance trends and interactions of the training department
  • Call Center Supervisors: to collect feedback on the readiness of recently-trained agents to meet performance expectations, as well as to learn how the training department supports ongoing agent development
  • Call Center Instructional Designer(s): to identify “pain points” in design, development, implementation and evaluation of training programs
  • Call Center Trainers: to gain insight into challenges they face and find out where they see opportunities for improvement
  • Call Center Agents (new and experienced): to hear their opinions on how well training programs equip them to succeed on the job

Analysis Also Includes:

  • Side-by-side observations with agents to view user interaction with callers, online and paper-based job aids, and desktop technology
  • A high-level assessment of the skill level of members of the training department
  • Benchmarking of the models and procedures used to produce training against learning industry best practices
  • Benchmarking of the models and methods used to evaluate training against learning industry best practices
  • Participation in a demonstration of the learning management system, if one has been implemented
  • Other meetings with managers and technology experts as appropriate

At the end of our on-site visit, we will conduct a one-hour debrief session with operations leadership to discuss preliminary findings and potential areas of opportunity. This will allow your management team to give feedback on our preliminary findings and recommendations.

These Efforts Will Then Culminate in the Virtual Executive Presentation, Usually Delivered Within 2 Weeks of the Site Visit. Our Executive Presentation Includes:

  1. Slide presentation with findings and recommendations
  2. Suggested improvement tactics for each recommendation
  3. Prioritization and sequence for each tactical change

Additional Assistance

Many clients want to know that the consultants who conduct Assessments will also be available to assist with implementation and change management. BenchmarkPortal is committed to providing the level of support that each client desires and needs. If requested, the Assessment may be followed by separate, a-la-carte interventions, which focus on specific areas. These may include:

  • People
    • Training Organizational Development Consulting
    • Assessment Center – Designers and Trainers
    • In-person or virtual Workshops for Training Department Personnel
      • How to design effective and efficient learning experiences
      • How to deliver engaging learning experiences that build knowledge and skills
      • How to create eLearning that is both engaging and effective
      • How to assess the knowledge and skills of agents
      • How to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of curricula
      • How to design and storyboard eLearning
      • How to design and deliver Virtual Instructor-led Training
  • Process
    • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
    • Creation of an online Training Development Toolkit
      • Templates
      • Tools
      • Models, job aids, white papers
  • Technology – Functional Requirements Analysis/Selection Support
    • Learning Management System
    • eLearning Development Toolset
    • Learning Management System
    • Virtual Classroom Platform
    • Performance Support System/Knowledge Base
  • Learning Products
    • Instructor-led Training (face-to-face, classroom)
    • eLearning (self-paced, on-demand)
    • Virtual Instructor-led Training (group-based, remote)
    • Blended learning solutions
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