Contact Center Industry Reports

Our Industry Reports have been upgraded and expanded, including multi-year trending information for key metrics. These reports are priced at $3,495.  All reports are from the world’s largest and most respected database of contact center metrics. Please scroll down to order your Industry Report!

41KPI – Contact Center Industry Reports

Sample of our Industry Reports

To see a Sample Industry Report, click on the icon to the left. (You may have to wait a minute for download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection):

Within Each Contact Center Industry Report You Will Find:

  1. A User Guide that addresses contact center managers and industry consultants
  2. A description of the methodology used to compile the reports
  3. A chapter containing color graphics of selected KPIs with interpretive comments from our experts. These include:
    1. Industry Averages
    2. Upper quartile industry averages, to indicate top-level performance
    3. The All-Industries averages, to provide additional context and value to your analyses
    4. Multi-channel metrics, to allow comparison of handle times and costs, etc., by channel
  4. A chapter containing detailed benchmark results in tabular form, including:
    1. Tables of Classification Metrics. These are metrics that provide needed context to the numbers, such as average volumes, staffing sizes, call types, budget, etc.
    2. Voice Channel performance metrics, including tables of KPIs that indicate efficiency (productivity elements) and effectiveness (quality elements)
    3. Human Resources metrics, Satisfaction metrics, etc.
    4. Tables for All-Industries averages for Alternate Channels, including KPI’s such as average volumes, average handle times and average costs for:
      1. Outbound Calls
      2. E-Mails
      3. Social Media
      4. Web Chat
      5. Fax
      6. Postal Mail
    5. A chapter with revealing graphics illustrating multi-year trends (from four to ten years) for selected KPIs, including:
      1. Customer Satisfaction
      2. First Contact Resolution
      3. Agent Satisfaction
      4. Average Speed of Answer
      5. Calls per Agent per Hour
      6. Talk Time, Hold Time, After Call Work Time
      7. Cost per Call
      8. Occupancy and Utilization
      9. AUX Time
      10. …and others
    6. Our comprehensive Glossary of terms and definitions, which includes ways to compute certain metrics and has become an industry standard.
    7. Other useful content on benchmarking and BenchmarkPortal

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