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Customer Experience Journey

This Customer Experience Journey Mapping is an independent and critical assessment of the current Customer Experience with the Client’s Contact Center. The engagement team examines the customer experience at each point of interaction in the various communication channels to identify opportunities that can enhance the experience. The objective is to leverage all channels of customer contact center interaction and to promote satisfying cross-channel experiences.

During BMP’s assessment, the consultants will examine the operational procedures and technologies that support interactions. The consultants will identify business requirements (and desired outcomes), envision future possibilities, and explore technology and process initiatives that will turn the possibilities into reality.

The steps in creating and utilizing a Customer Journey Map are to:

Step 1: Discover
Step 2: Plan
Step 3: Build (Improve)
Step 4: Outcome

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The engagement will include pre-visit discovery, involving customer satisfaction surveys, agent feedback surveys, and collection of metrics for purposes of benchmarking.  IVR tree and routing informationCustomer-journey-pie-chart will also be examined ahead of the on-site visit.  The BenchmarkPortal team will review the information gathered during the preparation phase, such that the on-site component can be rendered as efficient and as useful as possible.

During the on-site discovery component, the BenchmarkPortal expert(s) will review with the assembled team the preliminary findings from the pre-visit discovery.  Then, working together, the team will identify customer personas to focus on for the mapping process. Brand attributes and key social, economic, technical or environmental trends will be brought out as we discuss what we want to learn about the customer.


As the Customer Journey Map is being designed, the Client will see where opportunities and pain points fall so that they can be queued for analysis.  The areas where the company is achieving or surpassing its goals will be noted.

The consultants will help identify innovations to incorporate into the new experience.Customer-journey-slifeline

Build (Improve)

The Customer Journey Mapping will provide a detailed visual of what the customer is doing at each stage of his or her transaction with the company.  Customer-journey-why-whatThe mapping goal will be reviewed and compared to actual experiences to identify gaps that occur when a customer moves from one channel to another and to identify those points at which the customer might get frustrated.  These experiences will be taken to drive the next phase of the design by enlightening points of the Customer Journey.


Throughout the Build Stage, our consultants will work with the company’s team to review the existing journey through each state of the customer’s interaction.  We will assist with redesigning the existing journey by reviewing what channels work best with the transaction (interaction) types and recommend process improvements that will reduce the customer’s effort.

Let us help you get started on your Customer Experience Journey Mapping.  Leverage our experience, expertise and database to bring the best service possible to your customers, while reducing costs.

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