Customer & Agent Satisfaction Assessments

BenchmarkPortal’s customer & agent satisfaction surveys are backed by years of research and data collection. Many of our certified centers of excellence use these surveys to monitor levels of satisfaction, and to coordinate improvement initiatives with other areas, including recruiting, training, performance compensation, product development, marketing, and more.

Customer Satisfaction Assessments

The Goals of our Customer Satisfaction Survey Methodology

  • To include the customer in the call evaluation process, thereby ensuring that coaching and requested changes in agent behavior are in-line with the customer’s needs,
  • To ensure that the organization becomes more customer-driven by getting customer feedback,
  • To ensure that the “voice of the customer” is being heard for use by the center and by other areas of the enterprise,
  • To route unhappy callers immediately to a customer service recovery team,
  • And finally, to keep top management current on the performance of the Client’s customer service call center.

The Goals of our Customer Satisfaction Survey Design Initiative

  • To design a Customer Satisfaction Survey methodology that perfectly fits the Client’s needs, including:
  • Survey Questions, Length, Frequency, Sample Size, Reports, and Interpretation
  • Better understand the “as is” call handling satisfaction of the Client’s callers
  • Establish a statistical “baseline” of caller satisfaction
  • Determine ways to improve satisfaction going forward.

Agent Satisfaction Assessments

The Goals of our Agent Satisfaction Survey Methodology

  • Conduct a comprehensive study of what your agents think about working at your center
  • Identify the major “satisfiers” that build morale and help retention
  • Find the major “dis-satisfiers” which sap morale, hamper productivity and contribute to turnover
  • Discover the places where technology gaps are holding back excellent service
  • Understand the links between agent satisfaction and caller satisfaction.

The Goals of our Agent Satisfaction Survey Initiative

  • Identify the items that will improve agent morale for the lowest costs
  • Provide statistically valid input to guide your recruitment, screening and training programs
  • Optimize your “training-to-autonomous agent” process
  • Develop your supervisors to be “agent advocates” who gain respect and promote productivity from agents
  • Improve your performance metrics, from caller satisfaction to average handle time and first call resolution
  • Show your people that you are listening, acting, and engaged with them and their professional success.

Steps To Begin Your Call Center Customer & Agent Satisfaction Assessment:

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