Agent Voices II Research Report


Brand new 2020 Research Report on over 10,000 Contact Center Agents! 

Agent Voices 2020 is BenchmarkPortal’s second in-depth investigation into agent satisfaction. Based on over ten thousand agent surveys, this unique study covers 15 topic categories with a total of 55 questions. Readers will gain valuable insights that will help them be better managers and contact center leaders, and will also provide a basis for comparing their agent morale to industry averages.

The report includes thought-provoking cross-tabular analyses, such as comparisons of full-time vs. part-time employees, comparisons according to agent tenure and breakouts by U.S. geographical region. It also includes cloud word charts of the open-ended responses provided by respondents.

The report includes expert interpretation from BenchmarkPortal specialists that will provide “take-aways” that you can implement to improve the morale and the performance of your center.  Properly leveraging this content will allow you to take actions that will increase productivity and lower costs at your center, resulting in a phenomenal ROI.  

Question Categories:

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Quality Processes
  • Vision 
  • Coaching
  • Leadership and Trust
  • Customer Focus                       
  • Work Schedule
  • Voice of Customer
  • Work Environment
  • Recognition
  • Belongingness
  • Direct Supervisor/Manager Style
  • Training and Promotions 
  • Communication
  • Resources and Technology 
  • Value/Appreciation
  • Expectations and Compensation
  • Innovation and Involvement
  1. A table of KPIs that indicate the Industries efficiency (or productivity elements)
  2. A table of KPIs that indicate the Industries effectiveness (or quality)
  3. Aggregated tables of multichannel KPI averages for All Industries
  4. Our glossary of terms and definitions.
  • Calls Offered Annually
  • Calls Handled Annually
  • Annual Call Volume Handled by Agents
  • Annual Call Volume Handled Completely by IVR
  • Business to Business-% of Total Calls
  • Consumer to Business-% of Total Calls
  • Full-Time Agents
  • Part-Time Agents
  • Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)
  • Labor Union – Yes/No
  • Percent of Time Spent Handling:
    • Inbound Calls
    • Outbound Calls
    • Respond to Emails
    • Respond to On-Line Web-Chats
    • Other
  • Percentage of Total Calls Handled by Type:
    • Questions and Inquiries
    • Order Taking/Tracking
    • Technical Support
    • Complaints
    • Re-Directing Inbound Calls
    • Other
  • Annual Budget
  • Average Hourly Wage for Front-Line Agents.
  • Average Hourly Starting Wage for Front-Line Agents.
  • Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)
    • Calls per Agent per Hour
    • Average Cost per Call
    • Average Speed of Answer in seconds
    • Average Talk Time in minutes (includes hold time)
    • Average After Call Work Time in minutes
    • Average Time In Queue in seconds
    • Average Caller Hold Time While on the Phone with an Agent in seconds
    • Average Abandoned in percent
    • Calls Resolved On First Call in percent
    • Agent Occupancy in percent
    • Adherence to Schedule in percent
    • Average Attendance in percent
    • Average Calls Transferred in percent
    • Average Auxiliary (Aux) Time in percent
    • Average Utilization in percent
  • Full-Time Agent Shifts per year
  • Part-Time Agent Shifts per year
  • Full-Time Agent Average Shift Length in minutes
  • Part-Time Agent Average Shift Length in minutes
  • Formal Process to Collect the Caller’s Satisfaction – Yes/No
    • % Callers Giving Perfect Score
    • %  Callers Giving Lowest Score
  • Formal Mechanism for Gathering Agent Feedback – Yes/No
    • % Of Agents Giving Perfect Score
    • % Of Agents Giving Lowest Score
  • Agents per Supervisor
  • Percent Annual Turnover of Full-Time Agents
  • Turnover Due to Promotions
  • All Other Turnover
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