Integrating People with Process and Technology: Gaining Employee Acceptance of Technology Initiatives – by Dr. Jon Anton, Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff, and Lisa M. Schwartz


This book contains valuable information regarding the “people” side of technology initiatives. Many companies buy the best hardware and software, and spend thousands of dollars implementing technology only to find out that the employees resist the changes, and do not fully adopt the new, and possibly, improved processes. By understanding how to manage people during change, managers will see a much quicker ROI on their technology initiatives.


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“A truly insightful and easy-to-understand reference on how to benefit from the powerful union of technology and people.” — Richard A. Greenberg, Principal, Arthur Anderson LLP

“Anton, Petouhoff, and Schwartz provide the project leader with guidelines and action plans to overcome typical implementation problems.” — Mark Pencek, Principal Consultant, CRM Practice, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“The dynamic models, case studies, research and wisdom in this book enable you to put the power back in empowerment.” — Dr. Victoria Halsey, Vice President, Applied Learning, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“These authors get this like no one else ever has! They have a scientific approach to the people aspect so critical to the success of a project. They understand why projects come in over budget, off schedule and out of scope. They give you practical ways to deal with people and how to get them to do what you need them to do. They also offer an on line profile that you can do with your whole team that has made such a tremendous difference in my group that I am recommending that my whole company take it!” — Dr. Greenway, Oracle, Los Angeles, CA

“This book is an absolute “must read” for CEO’s and other executives who are about to make a decision concerning investment in new technology. The human factor is all too often disregarded when it should be considered first before process and technology can follow.” — Edward Hoy, Founding Partner, Azimuth 21 Consulting Group

“Dr. Pethouhoff, (a.k.a. Dr. Nat) does a great job of covering these distinct integration points and the critical nature of driving employee adoption. Use of real-life examples helps translate the theoretical to the practical. Fascinating read – recommend to Project Managers and Directors responsible for driving new process and technology improvement projects. Employee Adoption is perhaps one of the key metrics of success for these projects and Dr. Nat’s research proves out this point.” — J. O’Driscoll “JROD,” Silicon Valley

“Dr. Nat’s book Integrating People with Process and Technology is an excellent tool for each member of a team to have as they go through the process of forming, norming and finally storming their team! And as a group of individuals gains the new interpersonal skills and insights from Integrating, the group will transform into a team. Critical success components to teaming are Dr. Petouhoff’s keen observations of why projects tend to be over budget, suffer from scope creep and are late. Dr. Nat’s thought leadership in this book can help leaders as well as team members stop poor performance before it starts to happen. How does Dr. Nat do this? In Integrating she explains how important the human component is in managing change to maximizing the return on investment for a project. You’ll learn about your Amygdala and how it gets in our way, limiting our productivity and ability to be present. And you’ll be up to date on the latest research on change and why people resist it. And in fact, the mystery as to why there is such a high incidence of large technology implementations resulting in failure and less than expected results research is finally explained in this book. Dr. Nat’s research shows that projects that met with less than expected results are directly correlated with the lack of a plan to manage the change. With a scientific understanding that resistance is real, you will be able to show an ROI for including change management in your project budget. With an interpersonal understanding of one’s self and their reaction to change, each member of a team can become accountable for their own portion of the team’s success. The processes, tools and insights in Integrating, then take teams and teaming to a whole new level. Dr. Nat’s Integrating is a must read for anyone who is interested in becoming a masterful leader and succeeding in this complex, fast paced, ever changing world of business.” — S. Griffith

Meet The Authors

Dr. Jon Anton

Dr. Jon Anton was an adjunct professor at Purdue University and director of benchmark research at the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. He published many books, white papers and case studies on contact center topics and was a pioneer in research of best practices in the customer contact sector.

He started the benchmarking database which is now managed by BenchmarkPortal. During his career in our industry, Dr. Jon authored the following monthly publications: “The Purdue Page” in Call Center Magazine, “Dr. Jon’s Benchmarks” in Call Center News, “Dr. Jon’s Industry Statistics” in Customer Interface Magazine, and “Dr. Jon’s Business Intelligence” in the Call Center Manager’s Report.

In August of 1996, Call Center Magazine honored Dr. Jon by selecting him as an Original Pioneer of the emerging call center industry. In October of 2000, Dr. Jon was named to the Call Center Hall of Fame. In January of 2001, Dr. Jon was selected for the industry’s “Leaders and Legends” Award by Help Desk 2000.

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