Marketing Sucks! (and Sales, Too!) – by Fred Janssen, Tom Marx and Tom Herndon


Time-and-time again, great ideas become less effective, the marketing department’s efficiency is diminished, there is the constant finger-pointing between sales and marketing, and presidents, CEOs, and others are frustrated over revenue goals that continue to go unmet. Marketing Sucks! (and Sales, Too!) captures the frustration felt by many parts of the organization when marketing and sales are not aligned. There is a better way. The authors write from direct experience. When your marketing and sales teams are aligned (on the same page) your bottom-line results will improve exponentially. These improved results can create a positive, perceptible shift in your company’s finances and mood that will be valued in the boardroom, in the trenches, and ultimately, by your customer.


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“The title of this book raised my eyebrows-and my blood pressure! The take-away from this book is invaluable.” — Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,

“This book will help any organization create the mindset for a greater and richer partnership between sales and marketing.” — Christophe Lamarsaude, Vice President Finance and Business Processes, Alcatel Enterprise Solutions Division

“This is a must-read book for non-sales and marketing executives.” — Doug Parnell, Director of Sales and Marketing, Delphi Integrated Service Solutions

“The authors found out first-hand through their work that the “modern” separation of marketing and sales produces certain unholy messes, lots of waste, extra unproductive work, and, only accidentally, some sales. They have constructed a way of approaching the two as a unity, so that every marketing action happens in a context where sales is the other side of the equation. Readers with marketing responsibilities will save a fortune, and those with sales responsibilities can find ways to talk to the marketing folks. I recommend it.” — “Chauncey Bell



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