Multi-Channel Contact Center Benchmark Report


This 106-KPI survey and individual report will provide your organization with a deep dive into the current state of your contact center’s Customer Experience and Operational performance. This is the same highly regarded survey that is used with clients in our Multi-Channel Certification and Assessment programs. Once we receive your KPI information, we will verify the data and set up an in-depth benchmarking presentation for you with a Certified Contact Center Expert. After the presentation you will receive a copy of the 88-KPI report and the benchmarking analysis PowerPoint presentation to share internally with your organization.

This benchmarking survey comes with the following:

  • 106-KPI Multi-Channel Contact Center Benchmark Survey Report
  • 90-minute KPI-by-KPI performance analysis with a BMP expert
  • An industry-specific 4-Quadrant Performance Matrix with your company’s Multi-Channel performance ranking, using the patented Tonchev Performance Index
  • An analysis, by communications channel, of performance gaps compared to industry specific performance
  • A copy of the Report Analysis presentation created for you


Multichannel Reports take 2-4 weeks to evaluate and compile. You will be notified when your Report is complete to schedule your conference call with a BMP Certified Expert.

Contact Center Metrics Included in The Reports:

  1. Calls offered annually
  2. Calls handled annually
  3. Annual call volume handled by your agents
  4. Annual call volume handled completely by your IVR
  5. Business to Business-% of total calls
  6. Consumer to Business-% of total calls
  7. Full-time agents
  8. Part-time agents
  9. Full-time Equivalents (FTEs)
  10. Labor union - Yes/No
  11. Percent of time spent handling:
    a. Inbound calls
    b. Outbound Calls
    c. Respond to Emails
    d. Respond to On-line Web-chats
    e. Other
  12. Percentage of total calls handled by type:
    a. Questions and Inquiries
    b. Order Taking/Tracking
    c. Technical Support
    d. Complaints
    e. Re-directing Inbound Calls
    f. Other
  13. Annual Budget
  14. Base salary per year
  15. Average hourly wage for front-line agents.
  16. Average hourly starting wage for front-line agents.
  17. Average Cost per Call
  1. Key Performance Metrics
    a. 80% of your calls are answered, on average, in how many
    b. Average speed of answer in seconds
    c. Average talk time in minutes (includes hold time)
    d. Average after call work time in minutes
    e. Average time in queue in seconds
    f. Average caller hold time in seconds while on the phone with an agent
    g. Average abandoned in percent
    h. Calls resolved on first call in percent
    i. Agent occupancy in percent
    j. Adherence to schedule in percent
    k. Average attendance in percent
    l. Average calls transferred in percent
    m. Average Auxiliary (Aux) Time in percent
    n. Average Utilization in percent
  2. Calls per agent per hour
  3. Full-Time agent shifts per year
  4. Part-Time agent shifts per year
  5. Full-Time agent avg. shift length
  6. Part-Time agent avg. shift length
  7. Formal process to collect the caller's satisfaction - Yes/No
  8. Customer Satisfaction - % Callers giving a Perfect Score
  9. Customer Satisfaction - %Percent of callers giving lowest score
  10. Formal mechanism for gathering agent feedback - Yes/No
  11. % of agents gave perfect score
  12. % of agents gave lowest score
  13. Agents per supervisor
  14. % turnover of full-time Agents
  15. Turnover due to promotions
  16. All Other Turnover

Multichannel – 106 KPI Reports

Within This Multichannel Contact Center Benchmark Report

You Will Find:

  1. A table of KPIs that indicate the Industry’s efficiency (or productivity) metrics
  2. A table of KPIs that indicate the Industries effectiveness (or quality)
  3. Aggregated tables of multichannel KPI averages for All Industries
  4. Formal Customer Satisfaction collection process
  5. Our glossary of terms and definitions.

·       Calls Offered Annually (voice channel)

·       Contacts Offered Annually (all channels)

·       Calls Handled Annually

·       Contacts Handled Annually

·       Annual Call Volume Handled by Agents

·       Annual Call Volume Handled Completely by IVR

·       Business to Business-% of Total Calls

·       Consumer to Business-% of Total Calls

·       Full-Time Agents

·       Part-Time Agents

·       Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs)

·       Full-Time Agent Shifts per year

·       Part-Time Agent Shifts per year

·       Full-Time Agent Average Shift Length in minutes

Part-Time Agent Average Shift Length in minutes

·       Agents per Supervisor

·       Percent Annual Turnover of Full-Time Agents

·       Turnover Due to Promotions

·       All Other Turnover

·       Average Agent Occupancy in percent

·       Adherence to Schedule in percent

·       Average Attendance in percent

·       Average Auxiliary (Aux) Time in percent

·       Average Agent Utilization in percent

·       Labor Union – Yes/No

·       Percentage of Time Spent Handling Communications Channels

·       Percentage of Contacts by Type

·       Total Annual Budget

·       Average Hourly Wage for Front-Line Agents.

·       Average Hourly Starting Wage for Front-Line Agents.

·       Percent of Agents Time Spent:

·       Responding to Inbound Calls

·       Initiating Outbound Calls

·       Responding to E-mail

·       Responding to On-line Web-chats

·       Responding to Social Media

·       Responding to White Mail

·       Initiating/Responding to Fax

·       Other Customer Facing Activities

·       Contact Types by Percent:

·       Customer Service (questions and inquiries)

·       Order Taking and Order Tracking

·       Technical Support

·       Complaints

·       Re-directing Inbound Calls

·       Other


·       Formal Process to Collect the Caller’s Satisfaction – Yes/No

·       % Callers Giving Perfect Score

·       %  Callers Giving Lowest Score

·       Formal Mechanism for Gathering Agent Feedback – Yes/No

·       % Of Agents Giving Perfect Score

·       % Of Agents Giving Lowest Score



·       Calls per Agent per Hour

·       Average Cost per Call

·       Average Speed of Answer

·       Average Talk Time in minutes (includes hold time)

·       Average After Call Work Time in minutes

·       Average Time In Queue in seconds

·       Average Caller Hold Time While on the Phone with an Agent in seconds

·       Average Abandoned in percent

·       Calls Resolved On First Call in percent

·       Average Agent Inbound Voice Channel Occupancy in percent

·       Average Calls Transferred in percent


38 Total KPIs

·       Contacts per Agent per Hour

·       Average Cost per Contact – All Channels

·       Average Speed of Answer

·       Average Handle Time by channel

·       Calls Resolved On First Call in percent

·       Average Cost per Contact – All Channels

·       Average Cost per Inbound Call

·       Average Cost per Outbound Call

·       Average Cost per IVR Interaction

·       Average Cost per Email

·       Average Cost per Web Chat

·       Average Cost per Social Media Interaction

·       Average Cost per Fax

·       Average Cost per Postal Mail

·       Average Cost per Other



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