Offshore Outsourcing Opportunities – by Dr. Jon Anton and John Chatterley


For call center executives wanting to explore and understand the benefits of offshore outsourcing, the authors have brought together ‘under one cover’ a comprehensive guide that takes the reader through each step of the complex issues of outsourcing customer service telephone calls to agents in another country. With the pressure of today’s competitive climate forcing companies to take a hard look at providing higher quality customer services at lower costs, this book is a “must read” for every call center executive.


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Meet The Authors

Dr. Jon Anton

Dr. Jon Anton was an adjunct professor at Purdue University and director of benchmark research at the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. He published many books, white papers and case studies on contact center topics and was a pioneer in research of best practices in the customer contact sector.

He started the benchmarking database which is now managed by BenchmarkPortal. During his career in our industry, Dr. Jon authored the following monthly publications: “The Purdue Page” in Call Center Magazine, “Dr. Jon’s Benchmarks” in Call Center News, “Dr. Jon’s Industry Statistics” in Customer Interface Magazine, and “Dr. Jon’s Business Intelligence” in the Call Center Manager’s Report.

In August of 1996, Call Center Magazine honored Dr. Jon by selecting him as an Original Pioneer of the emerging call center industry. In October of 2000, Dr. Jon was named to the Call Center Hall of Fame. In January of 2001, Dr. Jon was selected for the industry’s “Leaders and Legends” Award by Help Desk 2000.

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