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BenchmarkPortal and Support Performance Unite Support Industry Best Practices Efforts

BenchmarkPortal and Support Performance are teaming to deliver Best Practices Metrics across the entire spectrum of Contact Center operations.Folsom and Santa Maria, CA; October 23, 2001-BenchmarkPortal ("the DataMart of Best Practices" and custodian of the "Purdue Benchmark Database") and Support Performance (authors of Compare - The Support Industry Benchmark Database) are teaming to deliver Best Practices Metrics across the entire spectrum of Contact Center operations. A formal announcement will be made at the DCI Advanced Conference for Help Desk Professionals on October 25th in Las Vegas. The momentous alliance will afford all Contact Center operations (Help Desks, Technical and non-Technical support and/or Commerce Centers) with real, current and trustworthy data from combined surveyed participants that can be viewed across the whole spectrum or by sector, as desired. Support Performance's Compare technology provides powerful web-based, real-time, slice and dice access to the data. BenchmarkPortal's flagship products for accessing the data include sophisticated analysis via Industry, Peer Group, Gap / Solution and ROI Potential reports developed by Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality founder and BenchmarkPortal Director of Research, Dr. Jon Anton. "The formal joining of the Compare technology and data to that of BenchmarkPortal accomplishes our goal of providing a single source of Best Practices data for the entire support and customer service Contact Center industry. Further announcements soon to come will identify the industry "Thought Leaders" committing formally to the goal of this single source of totally accessible Best Practices data" says Bruce Belfiore, BenchmarkPortal CEO. According to Support Performance Founder and GM Dick Szymanski, "We are committed to a rapid integration of the data and technologies that will provide our mutual existing customers, and the industry, an immediate doubling of the analytical capabilities they have against a substantially larger volume of participant data." About BenchmarkPortal BenchmarkPortal, in its sixth year of operation, collects and warehouses the Purdue University database of performance metrics on thousands of contact centers worldwide. The resulting reports, generated with Dr. Jon Anton's proprietary contact center benchmarking methodology, provide information that enable contact center professionals to make intelligent, fact-based management decisions. BenchmarkPortal is the recognized source for best practice standards in all the major industry segments such as banking, consumer electronics, and transportation. ( About Support Performance Support Performance provides Compare - web-based tools and benchmark data that enable support managers to intelligently analyze industry aggregate performance metrics in comparison to their own. Support Performance also features assessment, consulting services and training directed at support improvement projects with significant and measurable ROI, with a focus on industry standards, best practices and the eventual option of professional certification for sites and individuals. ( ) Contact: Dick Szymanski 916-608-0755 or 805-614-0123 x 53 or

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"Becoming a Call Center of Excellence can be a game changer for businesses. Fighting to keep customers in today’s economy is paramount to most companies and the Center of Excellence distinction has helped drive us to that end result. Going through this process yearly continues to challenge us to improve processes and service levels. The detailed process that BenchmarkPortal provides in comparing our data with a large peer group is unparalleled. At the end, you have a clear roadmap of what is working well and what needs focus and attention for improvement. Because of this, we have been able to develop plans each year to drive better results and better customer experiences. This, coupled with a knowledgeable staff, helps us to close the gaps and continue to achieve excellence in every area. Every call center out there should be doing this benchmarking process; we are proof that it works."


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