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Broadview Networks Customer Care Unit Named Center of Excellence

Broadview Networks has become the first telecommunications company to be certified as a Center of Excellence for customer service by Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

New York, Sept. 27, 2004-Broadview Networks, the leading network-based electronically integrated communications provider (e-ICP), has become the first telecommunications company to be certified as a Center of Excellence for customer service by Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality. To earn the Center of Excellence designation, Broadview Networks' call center had to meet objective, quantitative criteria and pass audits by researchers from BenchmarkPortal, custodian of the world's largest database of call center performance metrics. Call centers are benchmarked against the best practices of a peer group of comparable centers in areas such as operational efficiency, service level standards, customer satisfaction, leadership and employee training. Only eight percent of the companies reviewed by BenchmarkPortal and Purdue operated their call centers with the same level of both efficiency and effectiveness as Broadview Networks.

"This certification confirms that Broadview Networks' call center has found the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness in its operations," said Dr. Jon Anton of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality. "The company has proven its ability to satisfy customers in the extremely competitive telecommunications sector." "A lot of companies talk about quality customer support, but at Broadview Networks, we pride ourselves on providing personal support that exceeds expectations every time," said Joe Mangiaracina, vice president of customer relationship management (CRM). "We are proud of our customer care associates and managers, as well as the technology they use that allows them to serve our customers so well." At Broadview Networks, customer care extends from a welcome call to new customers to a high-tech e-care center that allows customers to manage their own accounts 24 hours a day. "Whether a customer has three lines or fifty lines," said Tracy Korman, executive vice president of CRM, "our technology and our commitment to satisfaction are behind them, helping their businesses succeed."

About Broadview Networks
Broadview Networks ( is a network-based electronically integrated communications provider (e-ICP) serving small and medium-sized businesses and communications-intensive residential customers in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States. The New York City-based company offers integrated communications solutions, including local, long-distance and international voice services; data services; and dial-up and high-speed Internet services using digital subscriber line (DSL) and other advanced technologies. Customers receive a single, easy-to-understand bill and have a single point of contact for real-time, personal customer care.

About BenchmarkPortal
BenchmarkPortal is the custodian of the Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality database of contact center metrics, the largest in the world. It provides reports, products and services for contact centers in the areas of operational metrics, customer satisfaction measurement and agent satisfaction measurement. For more information about BenchmarkPortal, visit

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"Becoming a Call Center of Excellence can be a game changer for businesses. Fighting to keep customers in today’s economy is paramount to most companies and the Center of Excellence distinction has helped drive us to that end result. Going through this process yearly continues to challenge us to improve processes and service levels. The detailed process that BenchmarkPortal provides in comparing our data with a large peer group is unparalleled. At the end, you have a clear roadmap of what is working well and what needs focus and attention for improvement. Because of this, we have been able to develop plans each year to drive better results and better customer experiences. This, coupled with a knowledgeable staff, helps us to close the gaps and continue to achieve excellence in every area. Every call center out there should be doing this benchmarking process; we are proof that it works."


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