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The Anton Press Publishes its 20th Book

Dr. Jon Anton and G. P. Paul Kowal have co-authored the very timely new book entitled, “Enabling IVR Self-Service with Speech Recognition Santa Maria CA, March 10, 2005, Dr. Jon Anton and G. P. Paul Kowal have co-authored the very timely new book entitled, "Enabling IVR Self-Service with Speech Recognition.Everyone is talking about speech recognition and its many applications. The hype is loud and clear. However, in reality, most contact center practitioners are still on the sidelines watching and waiting to hear more about the success stories and the realistic applications of this marvelous new technology. In this book, the authors report on actual case studies where speech recognition has been successfully applied to enable self-service through the IVR. Readers will learn:

  • who the major players are in speech recognition,
  • how to determine what applications are best suited for speech recognition,
  • what results they can expect from speech recognition implementations,
  • which companies have successfully applied speech recognition, and
  • where they will find the biggest financial pay-back for speech recognition.

This book is the 20th title for the Anton Press and makes # 24 for Dr. Anton. The Anton Press publishes books about the thriving customer service call center and e-business center industry. The Anton Press is a division of BenchmarkPortal, Inc. About Dr. Jon Anton Dr. Jon Anton is the world's leading expert in call center performance and best practices, specializing in enhancing customer service strategy through the latest telecommunications and computer technology. He has authored 24 books on the subject, given hundreds of keynote speeches, and assisted over 400 companies in improving their customer service strategy. Dr. Anton is currently the director of benchmark research at Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality and holds degrees from Harvard University, Notre Dame University and the University of Connecticut. About G.P. Paul Kowal G.P. Paul Kowal is founder and President of Kowal & Associates, Inc., a leading customer service consulting firm whose mission since 1988 is "to improve the link between companies and their customers." During the past 17 years, under Paul's leadership, the firm has been helping clients of all sizes in a variety of industries to maximize the effectiveness of their multi-channel customer contact strategies. Paul belongs to the leading speech recognition developers' association, AVIOS (the Applied Voice Input-Output Society) and is a certified BenchmarkPortal Call Center Auditor. He received a BA from Amherst College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. For additional information contact: Susan Hampton BenchmarkPortal, Inc. (805) 614-0123 ext. 36

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