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Local Technology Company Delivers World Class Customer Service

RICHFIELD, OH - (November 27, 2007) OEConnection announced today that its Customer Care center has been awarded the prestigious BenchmarkPortal certification, given in conjunction with the Center for Customer-Driven Quality at Purdue University. BenchmarkPortal is a source for Customer Relation Management (CRM) best practices information for call centers worldwide. This recognition means that OEConnection’s call center now qualifies as a "Certified Center of Excellence" offering world class customer service.

The certification is based on best practice metrics drawn from the world's largest database of call center information. Centers that attain certification do so on the basis of objective, quantitative data, which is audited and validated by researchers from BenchmarkPortal and the Center for Customer-Driven Quality. “The achievement of the Center of Excellence Certification from Purdue University’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality represents a contact center’s commitment to delivering customer service that is both effective and efficient”, said Dr. Jon Anton of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

OEConnection’s certification was awarded following a rigorous audit that benchmarked its call center against the best practices of comparable centers. Auditors measured a variety of metrics including: average speed of answer, percentage of calls satisfactorily handled on the first call, average length of call, and the number of hours new customer service agents spend in training. In addition, they interviewed all of OEConnection’s Customer Care Representatives regarding their work environment and the call center's culture and philosophy.

When measured against the more than 55,000 companies in the BenchmarkPortal database, OEConnection scored in the top 3-5 percent in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Of this recognition, the company’s President & CEO, Charles Rotuno, said, "Our goal is to deliver world class service to our customers. We chose to pursue the prestigious BenchmarkPortal certification so that we would be held to the highest possible standards in the industry. Achieving the certification – and scoring in the top 5 percent of companies in BenchmarkPortal’s database – is a great honor.”

About BenchmarkPortal:
BenchmarkPortal is the custodian of the Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality database of contact center metrics, the largest in the world. It provides reports, products and services for contact centers in the areas of operational metrics, customer satisfaction measurement and agent satisfaction measurement. Contact: Chris Ablan Phone: 970-688-4152 Email:

About OEConnection LLC:
OEConnection is a provider of web-based technology solutions for automakers, their affiliated dealers, and others in the automotive parts business. Serving over 15,000 dealerships, collision repairers, fleets and repair shops, OEConnection provides the industry’s largest ecommerce parts exchange and analysis tools enabling users to better market, manage and purchase original equipment parts. Depended on for over 4.5 million parts decisions monthly, OEConnection solutions facilitate an estimated $8 billion in annual parts trade. OEConnection is a joint venture created by DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Snap-on Business Solutions. The company is headquartered in the greater Cleveland area at 4205 Highlander Parkway, Richfield, OH,44286. For more information visit or call 888-776-5792. Contact: Amy French Human Resources Director 888.776.5792, x1855 4205 Highlander Parkway, Richfield, Ohio 44286

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"Becoming a Call Center of Excellence can be a game changer for businesses. Fighting to keep customers in today’s economy is paramount to most companies and the Center of Excellence distinction has helped drive us to that end result. Going through this process yearly continues to challenge us to improve processes and service levels. The detailed process that BenchmarkPortal provides in comparing our data with a large peer group is unparalleled. At the end, you have a clear roadmap of what is working well and what needs focus and attention for improvement. Because of this, we have been able to develop plans each year to drive better results and better customer experiences. This, coupled with a knowledgeable staff, helps us to close the gaps and continue to achieve excellence in every area. Every call center out there should be doing this benchmarking process; we are proof that it works."


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