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BenchmarkPortal and Interactive Intelligence Report Shows How Contact Centers Can Protect Investments While Migrating to All-in-One Communications Software Suites

Independent study gives contact centers best practices for gradual migration to all-in-one communications software suites, which research shows can average less than half the cost of multipoint solutions


INDIANAPOLIS, April 21, 2009 -- BenchmarkPortal, an independent research firm specializing in contact center best practices, has published a report showing how contact centers can protect existing investments, while making a phased migration to all-in-one communications software suite solutions.


The report, titled Technology Adoption Strategies for All-In-One Contact Center Solutions, builds on previous research that demonstrates total annualized costs for all-in-one communications software suites can be less than half that of multipoint solutions following acquisition.


Our first two studies in this report series revealed the operational benefits – including significant cost savings – of all-in-one contact center solutions, said Dr. Jon Anton, report co-author and adjunct professor at Purdue University. Given these benefits, we sought next to explore all-in-one adoption methods.


Report co-author, Bruce Belfiore of Purdue’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality, added: Based on our survey results, we found that contact centers don’t have to face an all-or-nothing rip-and-replace decision if they opt for an all-in-one solution.


The report data were gathered from more than 100 contact centers and includes six migration case studies based on interviews with survey respondents. The study also provides an Adoption Matrix to help contact centers analyze and select the migration strategy best suited to their organization.


Key findings from the report include the following:

  • There is a sizeable experience base of contact centers that have migrated to all-in-one communications software suites over time.
  • Migration to all-in-one communications software suites is generally no more difficult, and is frequently less difficult, than other IT initiatives within contact centers.
  • Approximately four out of five managers with multipoint solutions feel that a gradual migration strategy would make adoption of an all-in-one communications software suite more attractive.
  • There is not a unique roadmap, but rather a matrix of considerations that contact centers should take into account when considering migration to an all-in-one communications software suite. These include:
    • Age of existing multipoint solutions
    • Degree to which multipoint solutions are embedded into existing infrastructure, processes and customer-facing technologies
    • Management’s knowledge and resources for handling technology migration
    • Human and cultural factors
    • Budget
    • Number of remote offices
    • Overall technology roadmap


The survey was conducted via the Web by polling BenchmarkPortal’s contact center performance database – the world’s largest research repository with more than 25,000 global members representing 45 different industry sectors. For more information about Benchmark Portal, visit


About BenchmarkPortal

BenchmarkPortal is the source for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) best practices information for call centers. It is continually growing its database, already the worlds largest for call center metrics. In conjunction with the Center for Customer-Driven Quality at Purdue University, BenchmarkPortal provides data to call center managers via a series of unique and actionable reports. With these reports managers can: a) compare their performance against an appropriate peer group of call centers; and b) make optimal, fact-based decisions regarding capital investment, personnel, procedures, etc. Through its reports, leading edge research and certification programs, it contributes to the continual improvement processes of individual customer call centers. BenchmarkPortal also manages the College of Call Center Excellence education program for call center professionals. For more information contact:; 720-222-0470; or


About Interactive Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ) is a global provider of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and enterprise messaging. The company was founded in 1994 and has more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Interactive Intelligence is among Software Magazine’s top 500 global software and services suppliers, is ranked among Network World’s top 200 North American networking vendors, is a Business Week hot growth 50 company. Interactive Intelligence can be reached at +1 317.872.3000 or; on the Net:

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