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Call Center Manager - Job Opportunity- Xerox, Newark, NJ


Job Title: Call Center Manager
Department: Operations
Reports To: Senior Manager of Operations
Location: Newark, NJ

Summary Job Description and Responsibilities:

The Call Center Manager is responsible for the day to day management of the Call Center Operations.  The Call Center Manager is responsible for the daily throughput of the Call Center including call length and wait time as well as ensuring that scheduling and staff availability are consistent with the distribution of calls being received.

In addition, the Call Center Manager is responsible for coordinating and disseminating all procedural updates to Call Center staff by coordinating with all other CSC management staff. 

Finally, the Call Center Manager is responsible for ensuring that the CSC is using the appropriate management tools available in the industry.  The Call Center Supervisors report directly to the Call Center Manager.

The duties of the Call Center Manager include, but are not limited to, the following activities: 

  • Execute instructions, initiatives and policy and procedures as directed by senior management, or in conjunction with the Call Center Supervisors. 
  • Ensure that the Call Center is delivering a high level of customer service that is consistent with the project’s requirements and compliant with established performance standards. 
  • Develop, train, mentor, and evaluate staff.
  • Be able to perform statistical analyses and prepare informational reports.
  • Work closely with vendors/subcontractors to ensure that quality standards are met. 
  • Recommend staffing adjustments to include new hires and terminations.
  • Oversee and review all performance evaluations for Call Center staff annually.
  • Responsible for the oversight of the counseling and disciplinary processes within the Call Center.  Must interact and follow escalation protocol on employee and human resource issues expeditiously. 


  • Bachelors Degree in related field preferred (i.e. Business Admin, Management…)
  • 5 years or more in a Call Center Management role in a large customer service environment with 175 – 200 Customer Service Representatives or more and 5 or more direct reports
  • Knowledge and proficiency in both IEX and CMS
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office applications with an emphasis on Excel
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Vector Application and Business rules (Internal Only)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • 4 or greater on performance appraisal and Xerox employee for 1 or more years (Internal Only)
  • Excellent personal time management history

PLEASE NOTE:  The successful candidate may be required to retake a drug screen and/or background screen.

Immediate and Continuous Goals and Objectives:

  1. Customer Focus―Able to recognize and respond to customer needs; able to promote a customer focus in employees and develop proactive solutions to customers’ issues.
  2. Listening, Understanding, and Responding―Able to use proactive listening skills or attend to non-verbal cues to better understand others’ perspectives, behaviors, and motivations; able to communicate clearly about shared tasks, customer needs, the activities of other groups in the organization, and external influences; able to act with integrity and professionalism.
  3. Personal Leadership―Able to do what you promise you will do; able to convey enthusiasm about company objectives and make decisions that reflect sound judgment; able to take greater responsibility for the company’s success.
  4. Team Leadership―Able to provide meaningful direction and motivation to a common team goal; able to model desired behavior, inspire high performance from employees and encourage high team moral; able to demonstrate behaviors and use language that build trust and do not demean others.
  5. Mentoring―Able to provide instruction, suggestions, or feedback that makes sure assigned tasks are clear to employees; able to provide specific feedback, recognition, and rewards for good performance with a spirit of openness and mutual respect; able to deal constructively and properly with performance or discipline problems.
  6. Evaluation―Able to assess employees’ strengths and delegate accordingly; able to make employees responsible for meeting performance goals.
  7. Teamwork―Able to treat all Xerox employees with cooperation and respect; able to consider the perspectives of other departments; able to help resolve any conflicts.
  8. Problem Solving―Able to recognize problems and help identify solutions.
  9. Valuing Diversity―Able to monitor, evaluate, and adapt behavior to respond to a variety of ages, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
  10. Flexibility―Able to adapt behavior and opinions to different situations, individuals, or changing company priorities.
  11. Personal Motivation―Able to display a positive attitude while meeting or exceeding the demands of a given situation, task, or performance standard.
  12. Self-Control―Able to remain calm and professional through stressful circumstances; able to solve problems and meet deadlines in difficult circumstances; able to help others manage stress.
  13. Action Orientation―Able to follow instructions or take action and address opportunities with little supervision; able to take extra steps to prevent mistakes or create opportunities.

All interested candidates please submit your resume to Espi Kiziltas.

Espi’s email address is and can be reached at 703 771 9373.


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