Due to COVID-19 we will not be having Call Center Campus this year.  Tune in for a big one in 2021

“I found the training sessions to be eye-opening and very informative. I am busy this week relaying my big takeaway concepts to many groups in our organization such as project management, education leads, and HR. I will present to the executive team in 2 weeks a synopsis of the experience as well as a plan to bring what I learned to life in our center. I am looking forward to bringing metrics and processes into our center. It was a well planned well-orchestrated conference and I have recommended that my counterpart in the other section of our contact center attend next year. Teri Vatterott, AART – Call Center Campus Attendee

“I love being connected to BenchmarkPortal and the valuable information that is provided. Has been an amazing experience.” Call Center Campus Attendee

“Definitely can take things back to improve effectiveness in our center.” Call Center Campus Attendee

“This experience was invaluable. Being able to meet peers and discuss successes and challenges, was a great learning and growth experience.” Call Center Campus Week Attendee

“Well organized, we were properly informed of all events and it was a good use of our time. Joe is a great instructor and Crystal provided excellent customer service.” Call Center Campus Attendee

“BenchmarkPortal’s Call Center Symposium is an excellent event! The content shared covers tried-and-true as well as tried-and-failed solution discussion opportunities for problems unique to the contact center industry. The forum allows participants to network, share ideas, and walk away with immediately applicable actions they can take back to their teams to begin making positive impacts. It’s always a pleasure to attend this event and meet with other contact center professionals who really “get” it!” Mindy Lamb Director, Call Operating Effectiveness Cigna

“An amazing event with wonderful carefully chosen speakers with much good information to impart. It was energizing! I felt totally rejuvenated about our contact center and how we can make it better!! This was well worth the trip and the time to come! Makes me want to work even harder to engage and motivate our agents!” Cindy Trow, Quality Assurance Manager, MedicAlert Foundation

“I have learned new information on how to apply changes based off of the collective sharing of knowledge performed at the class as well as at the symposium.” Call Center Campus Attendee

“This event including our Center of Excellence certification was really useful. It brought to us many areas for improvement and made us think of new initiatives in Al Hilal Bank.” Eman Amein, Quality Manager, Al Hilal Bank

“Very good conference. Very informative and the presenters were very knowledgeable and presented the information well.” Tim Dawkins, Associate Manager Member Services, MESSA

Workforce Management class and the Symposium gave us a wealth of knowledge that we will take back and start to work on.” Clint Rosser, Manager of Installation and System Support, Karmak Technologies

“Thank you for inviting us and allowing us to share a little of our story. The whole week was a great, each of us took away something from the training and networking event. We look forward to attending Call Center Campus again.” Matt Conant, Director Customer Experience, PLATO Learning

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