Contact Center

Focused Assessments

Customer Experience Journey

This Customer Experience Journey Mapping is an independent and critical assessment of the current Customer Experience with the Client’s Contact Center. The engagement team examines the customer experience at each point of interaction in the various communication channels to identify opportunities that can enhance the experience. The objective is to leverage all channels of customer contact center interaction and to promote satisfying cross-channel experiences.

Customer & Agent Satisfaction Assessments

BenchmarkPortal’s customer & agent satisfaction surveys are backed by years of research and data collection. Many of our certified centers of excellence continuously use these surveys to monitor levels of satisfaction. Our methodology and suggestions for improvement will help align the surveys with your customer facing departments, including recruiting, training, performance compensation, product marketing, and more.

Optimization/Re-Engineering Assessments

BenchmarkPortal’s Journey to Excellence program is catered to those centers that have not met the criteria for call center certification. We develop a customized consulting & assessment program over a 12 month period to improve your call centers effectiveness & efficiency. We help you balance customer expectations and financial objectives by identifying the performance metrics that will drive success. Our assessment process will make performance gaps more obvious and will help pinpoint the initiative that commits a minimum of resources to achieve the best performance results.

Technology Assessments

Our Call Center Technology Assessment is designed for managers who want to get a holistic view of the current state of their contact center operations, so as to understand how effectively their technology platform supports them. The output of our Call Center Technology Assessment is a road map to a more efficient and effective center.

Training Audit

BMP’s Call Center Training Audit is designed for organizations that want to understand how effectively their learning programs equip agents to serve customers. The output of our Assessment is a set of recommendations for building a more effective learning program.

Contact Center IVR Assessment

Whether you are improving upon an existing IVR system or beginning from the ground up, BenchmarkPortal has an assessment plan that will provide immediate recommendations on how to improve and optimize your IVR and improve your self service.

Contact Center Due Diligence

Our call center due diligence program harnesses the world’s largest database and expert knowledge of the call center industry. BenchmarkPortal’s team will provide management and advisers with valuable information to understand the current state of the customer contact function, assess and quantify risk and identify areas for improvement that can add value going forward.

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