BenchmarkPortal is the global leader in Call Center Benchmarking, Call Center Certification, Call Center Training and Call Center Consulting. Since its beginnings in 1995 under Dr. Jon Anton and Prof. Richard Feinberg of Purdue University, BenchmarkPortal has grown with the contact center industry and now hosts the world’s largest call center metrics database. Now led by Bruce Belfiore, the BenchmarkPortal team of professionals has gained international recognition for its call center expertise and innovative approaches to best practices for the call center industry.

BenchmarkPortal’s activities include The College of Call Center Excellence™, a leader in call center training, and CallTalk™, the first on-line talk show specifically focused on the call center industry. BenchmarkPortal also hosts Call Center Campus Week. This annual, unique call center industry event presents attendees the latest in practical research plus the tools and inspiration to drive their call centers’ performance to the top.

Our mission is to help customer contact managers in all sectors to optimize their centers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

For a full listing of BenchmarkPortal areas of expertise, see:

    • Call Center Training: Through The College of Call Center Excellence , we offer training and certification for Managers, Supervisors, and Agents. The College of Call Center Excellence offers one of the most highly sought after Call Center Training Certification programs in the world, led by the industry’s top-rated instructors, with over 150 years combined experience. These courses will equip you with the skill set that you need to improve your call center’s performance. You will be able to return to your business and drive effective change for your contact center using best practice methods validated by BenchmarkPortal.
    • Call Center Benchmarking: It is becoming increasingly recognized that benchmarking is an essential function for a properly managed customer contact center. The insights, efficiencies and aids to decision-making that are offered through benchmarking are so compelling that managers cannot do without it and still consider themselves in line with professional standards. BenchmarkPortal professionals pioneered contact center benchmarking. In 1995 they conducted the first scientific, industry-wide benchmark study at Purdue University under a grant from IBM. 
BenchmarkPortal uses this data to provide call center managers with information that empower them to:
      • Compare their performance against an appropriate peer group of call centers
      • Make optimal, fact-based decisions regarding capital investment, personnel, procedures, etc.
      • Get recommendations on how to improve their contact center
      • Determine if they qualify for our Call Center of Excellence Certification.

Through our reports, as well as our leading edge research, we aim to contribute to the continual improvement processes of individual customer call centers, and ultimately to improve the performance of this vital sector as a whole, worldwide.

  • Call Center Assessments: BenchmarkPortal will help your contact center balance customer expectations and financial objectives by identifying the performance metrics that will drive success. Our assessment process will make performance gaps more obvious and will help pinpoint the initiative that commits a minimum of resources to achieve the best performance results.
  • Call Center Certification: The Center of Excellence recognition is one of the most prestigious awards in the customer service and support industry. The certification process is management’s best path to world class performance. Contact Centers achieve the Center of Excellence distinction based on their performance on key performance metrics, compared with industry averages drawn from the world’s largest and most respected database. A contact center that has been certified as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal has met and/or surpassed rigorous standards of efficiency and effectiveness. This certification is unique in that its achievement is ascertained strictly “by the numbers.” This means that the BenchmarkPortal team audits and verifies the center’s key performance indicators and compares that data to data from other peer organizations.
  • Call Center Industry Reports: BenchmarkPortal’s Industry Reports are the globe’s richest source of Contact Center information. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up to date research. In addition to our industry-specific reports, we can create peer group and other customized reports to meet your needs as a consultant or a practitioner. Call to talk to us about the possibilities.
  • Top 100 Call Centers Contest: BenchmarkPortal sponsors this Annual Contest for centers located in North America. Enter today and, in addition to receiving a free report and read-out of your benchmarking results, receive a chance to win a cash award to fund a celebration for your center!
  • iBenchmark: iBenchmark automates the process of benchmarking, transforming a valuable but time-consuming, manual process into an automated, user-friendly service that allows managers to monitor performance on a monthly basis. Monitoring your call center performance on a monthly basis will allow you to make decisions and select improvement initiatives that will have measurable impacts on the financial and operational performance of your center.

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